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Inflatable motor boat – the choice for those who need speed and freedom of movement. Own ship, with the engine allows not to depend on the weather, distance, or rental boats. And the right choice guarantees its comfort and durability.

Motor power

Light, nimble inflatable boats under the motor – stop solution for travel, leisure or successful fishing. The acquisition of such boats is a surefire way to make your summer holiday unforgettable.

A private ship allows you to literally subdue the water element. And the engine is able to significantly expand the horizons of its capabilities. Motor swimming becomes a pleasure, not a test of physical capabilities. Its capacity is able to easily withstand the wind, waves and far distances.

Anglers motor vessel provides the opportunity to move quickly and seek the best place for fishing. They can go a great distance from coastal areas. And in the case of bad weather as fast back to the shore.

Tourists motor will help to make long journeys. But lovers of outdoor activities such a craft is able to deliver an incomparable experience. This boat can even be used for water skiing.

How to choose a boat under motor

As a material for such craft are used durable, lightweight synthetic materials. Ordinary rubberized fabric has ceased to be relevant – in its place came a more progressive “fabric”. In our latitudes with temperate climates, especially popular PVC boats under the motor. Polyvinyl chloride has a good durability, low weight and, most importantly – low cost. Models designed for installation of the engine, usually made from a material of higher density than rowing.

The main difference inflatable motor boat from rowing is that there is a fixed transom. This item allows you to set the engines to high power. Stationary transom is a plate, which is usually made of durable bakelite plywood. The choice of this material depends on its reliability and moisture resistance. The width of the transom does not exceed the width of the body.

The properties of the transom depends largely on how powerful the motor will be able to install on the ship. The higher the power, the thicker must be the plate. For example, a transom thickness of about 25 mm can withstand a low-power motor up to 15 HP For the more severe engines, the plate thickness should be 35 mm or more.

The height of the transom shall conform to the engine manufacturer recommendations. In this case, the motor will be positioned at the optimal depth. Its correct location will help to achieve higher speed and reduce the amount of spatter.

The method of attaching the transom to the sides and bottom affects the durability of the structure. The simplest, but least reliable solution – plate pasted with strips of fabric PVC. This mount will last longer if you use the engine a small or medium power. The second option is adhesive bonding using rubber pads or brackets. The mount to absorb vibration and significantly extend the service life of the vessel.

One of the main structural differences between inflatable boats under the motor is the type of bottoms. Soft bottom – unreliable and uncomfortable solution for high-speed vessel equipped with a motor. Therefore, such models necessarily equipped with dense deck, on which you can stand up.


Kaneva stacked deck is a practical and very common solution. This flooring usually is made of individual plywood panels between which there is a small space. Slang – compact, relatively lightweight, not too expensive design option.

Even more sustainable option – hard flooring (soles), folding or collapsible. This deck is less compact than slania. But in terms of comfort it definitely wins. The material for such a flooring is most often used aluminum or plywood. It hard flooring is commonly fitted with PVC boats under the motor, is designed for the high power.

The ship with inflatable bottom – more rare representative of the engine family. They are easy, comfortable, convenient for transportation, but not too popular. The reason is simple – the relatively high cost of such models. However, the advantages of such products are paying a hefty price. Usually they are designed for engines with low and medium power – 5 HP However, due to the low weight and design features of such pumps can develop considerable speed.

Because inflatable boats designed to travel at high speed, among them common keel model. The keel is a separate tank located along the bottom. Filled with air, attached to the bottom of the triangular or V-shaped. With this design, the ship overcomes wave easier, it becomes more manageable. Keel models are smooth running, show the best stability at high speed. However, keel models require a higher power for planing than flat-bottomed.

Boat PVC under the motor – coordinated recruitment

Inflatable boat and engine must be purchased separately. But, anyway, these acquisitions will have to agree. For someone more important become the properties of the motor, which boat is chosen. Others, on the contrary, first select the ship, then look for the corresponding engine.

In any case, today’s manufacturers provide data that facilitate the problem of choice. Usually in the documentation for each Motorboats provided recommendations for maximum power and engine weight. Adherence to these recommendations is the key to comfortable, safe operation of the vessel. In addition, if they do not stick, there is a risk to lose guarantee of the product.

Summing up

Inflatable boat provides the owner of the mobility on water expanses. It is easily collected and transported, requires little space for storage. Such ship is quite reliable and unpretentious. They are suitable for any use – from fishing and hunting to joyrides and water rides.

The selection of such boats is directly linked to the characteristics of the motor you intend to install on it. Moreover, you should pay attention to the design of the model, its dimensions, weight, capacity, type of bottoms. Also the choice can be affected by additional parameters – the attributes of the seats to set.

In the online store presents various inflatable vessel from well-known manufacturers. Here you can review and purchase a rowing or motorized rubber boats with suitable price and characteristics.

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