Catching pike on spinning

Modern pike fishing on spinning variety of different selection of rods, baits, methods of fishing lures. She is reckless, efficient and accessible to any angler, because pike reservoirs of a great variety: from the flowing ponds and small rivers to large rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

As the spinning type of fishing is divided into two large categories: casting and trolling, they differ in the method of supplying the bait:

  • Casting – casting a lure with the subsequent PREROLL to yourself.
  • Trolling – transporting bait alloy boat.

In this review we will give advice on the selection of rods and lures, will show you how to catch pike on spinning, we describe the methods of fishing and particularly fishing from the shore and boats.

Tackle for pike on spinning


The choice of a particular type of spinning Blanca depends first several factors:

  • method of fishing;
  • conditions in the fishing spot;
  • the selected bait.

Above all, how to choose a spinning rod for pike fishing, impact fishing method, for example:

  • for trolling preferable powerful rods of medium length;
  • jig rod has a flexible tip;
  • for fishing with light bait choose spinning rods light and ultra-light class;
  • for twiching crankbaits use harsh forms fast system.

With regard to the factor conditions of catching, they usually are guided by such considerations:

  • for fishing from shore on a large pond used long poles to 13 feet;
  • for choose forms with high test.
  • shore fishing on a pond or small river will be successful with the models of 8-10 feet;
  • when fishing from a boat – a short, 6-8 feet.

The choice of spinning for pike



Tip: when Purchasing a spinning reel in the store, tell the consultant about where and what you are going to fish for pike. It will definitely help you make the right choice.


The choice of model and size of the coil due to the type of spinning rods. For forms lithologo and ultralajtovogo the type of enough coils from 1000 to 2000 according to Shimano, for longer and more powerful sticks the size of the spool increases proportionally.

Increasingly, anglers use baitcasting reels. If trolling this choice is sometimes really necessary for other types of fishing “cartoons” just starting to be used. These are the ways how:

  • twitching;
  • jig;
  • the jerkbait.

For trolling and jerkbait use powerful cartoons, and for jig and twiching – sensitive mechanisms with fine-tuning.

The choice of coil for catching of a pike



Tip: Coil and spinning the blank must be purchased in pairs to ensure proper balancing equipment.

Fishing line

Catching pike on spinning allows you to use and manolescu and braid, all depends on conditions of fishing:

  • Monofilnaya wood. Used in small ponds to equip light and ultralight spinning rods. At short distances its extensibility gives the possibility to compensate for the jerks fish.
  • Network. Used in all spinning with long casts and, where required hypersensitivity tackle.
  • The choice of a scaffold for catching of a pike




    Attitude to leashes the spinning is twofold. On the one hand a reliable leash will not allow the pike to cut expensive bait, on the other hand, strikes more often without a leash.

    Therefore, I can recommend the following:

    • use the leash on the active fish and expensive lures;
    • passive fish catch or without a leash, or using fluorocarbon or braid of manolescu.


    To use spinning gear vertucci, carbines, clockwork ring is useful when they really necessary and do not bring down the play of the lure. In other cases it is better to do node installation.


    Spinning for pike can be equipped with a variety of artificial lures, which are divided into several basic types:

    • spinner;
    • wobblers;
    • soft bait.


    Spinners come in two types of oscillating or rotating. The first type of bait is a specially treated piece of metal, equipped with hooks. When posting spinning kolebalki his game creates a special ripple effect that is perceived by the lateral line of pikes. Visually, these lures resemble a little wounded fish.


    A variety of models of fish made of plastic or wood, simply amazing. All of them can be divided into two large classes:

    • blade;
    • bladeless.

    Bladeless, in turn, may vary the point of attachment:

    • with front eyelet: poppers, jerkbaits;
    • with top ear: rattlin, artery.

    Blade models are divided into more types:

    • the crawlers;
    • minnow;
    • fate;
    • shady;
    • cranky.

    Soft bait

    Soft bait – the last time faux. Their appearance contributed to the spread of silicone in all areas of life, from medicine to plastic fishing. Now they completely cover the need of the jig-spinning.

    There are several types of baits:

    • twisters;
    • vibrohvosta;
    • worms;
    • fancy lures.

    Currently produced by so-called edible silicone, which when injected into the mouth no longer smells like rubber, and has a pleasant for predator fish or other flavoring. So it is easier to deceive and to catch the pike almost spits out such bait.

    Choice of bait for catching of a pike


    Ways of catching pike on spinning

    There are several ways how to catch pike on spinning:

    • trolling;
    • casting, including: trolling;
    • jig;
    • twitching.


    The fishing technique of trolling is as follows:

  • Swim and boat in the intended area of great pond, river, lake or reservoir.
  • Throw the bait in the direction opposite to the movement. Start moving, oars or motor. Releasing a sufficient amount of fishing line from the reel, close the bail.
  • The motion of the boat carries a lure for her as on the trailer. After a take, cymatium fishing line, pulling the prey to the boat.

    Tip: trolling is used mainly by large wobblers, spoons lures rarely or silicone.

    In this method of fishing pursued two main goals:

    • to catch a big trophy;
    • to determine Parking fish.

    Often after catching a pike, is anchoring the boat and fishing is casting lures or jigs-baits. The best time to be catching the summer and early fall.


    In this way catch pike after removing the spawning of the ban since the beginning of summer and continue fishing until freeze-up. The technique of trolling and kolebalki and Uralkali is similar, only when you post petal spinners need to do less of jerks and pauses.

    The basic transaction types when jigging spinning are as follows:

  • Uniform. Smooth spool drag at the same speed.
  • Speed. Combines your retrieve with pauses.
  • Jerk. After a pause, jerk the rod.
  • Twitching. Game tip of the rod with uniform or step transaction.
  • The same technique is used when using lures as bait.


    Method spinning fishing lures that do not have their own animation, is called twitching. When twitching the tip of Blanca such models of artificial fish capable of producing mind-blowing movements, people can not stand none of the predator.


    Jig fishing equipment is called fishing soft lures with the installation on the jig head or offset hooks with “eared” gruselle. Jig-spinning includes several variations according to the type of installation lures and weights:

  • The usual wiring step. Bait with a load attached to the end of the working cord.
  • Drop-shot. At the end of the snap-in is the load, and the bait fastened above him, but directly, without a leash. Allows you to play the bait in one place.
  • Moscow snap-in, or discharge a leash. The mounting gear is posted, it is the weight and the bait separated. At the end of the main fishing line is attached to the load, and in a few tens of centimeters above a long leash with the bait.
  • Texas rigging. Here at the end of the cord bait and load a bullet hole with a longitudinal slip above the line. Karolinska snap-in. It is similar to Texas, but the bullet does not reach the lure and exploded through the leash.
  • Moscow, Texas and Carolina snap allow you to do transactions on the difficult bottom with lots of grass or other obstacles.

    How to catch pike professionals



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