Fishing for carp in the spring with the foam: how to foam stick

Fishing for carp in the spring with the foam

Although it is hard to believe, but carp can be caught on conventional foam balls. Of course, this requires special equipment, because ordinary float rod catching on the foam is not practiced, and it is not technologically feasible. The advantage of such bait is that one ball can catch as many individuals, yet the foam will not be off the hook, and if they fly off, then no great loss. So it turns out not a very expensive fishing trip. If you find a piece of foam, then it can nakovyryat a lot of balls. At the same time, take the lowest foam density. Of the more dense foam nakovyryat balls will not succeed.

The contents

  • 1 Tackle for catching carp on foam
    • 1.1 Snap-in
    • 1.2 the Rod
    • 1.3 Coil
    • 1.4 fishing Line
  • 2 How much foam you need to hang on a hook
  • 3 As placed the foam on the hook
  • 4 Use bait
  • 5 Where else can help out foam
  • 6 Conclusion

Tackle for carp on the foam

For catching carp on the foam will need to tackle with a trough in the spring. Although many anglers believe that the most effective it may be “the nipple”. Tackle the “killer carp” consists of several feeders of the type “spring”, arranged one behind the other, so will considered this option.

Before you throw the gear spring is stuffed with bait and hooks must be mounted Styrofoam balls. The result is that the pieces will be in the water column above the feeder due to positive buoyancy. Carp are necessarily interested in the contents of the trough and begin to eat its contents.

At the same time, when a carp feeds, the hooks with the foam are very close, because the length of leads may be only 5 cm up the feeder, the carp swallows and Styrofoam balls. As a result, the fish gets the hook. She Slobodskaya under the action of the mass of the trough. There are several versions of the anglers for the reason that the carp swallows Styrofoam balls:

  • Karas enjoys eating the contents of the trough and at the same time swallows the foam ball. It’s hard to say that he resembles a white ball. It’s possible that he sees a balloon and decides to swallow to replenish their stocks of air. There are just Styrofoam balls covered with skin of different colors and smell. If the ball is similar to a pea or a grain of corn, then all is clear: the carp are not going to refuse from such a delicacy. Swallowing a ball of Karas then he is on the hook for the angler.
  • There is another view, which is based on the fact that the carp is still able to determine how edible the nozzle. If colored balls are all clear, as they may be similar to ripe peas, green peas, corn and can smell it with the conventional foam balls the opposite – nothing is clear. It is likely that the carp has identified within its breeding places flies some garbage to clean up. In addition, this debris interferes with normal feed and carp, in the mouth takes the ball and tries to move away from this place. So he gets the hook.
  • Snap

    Rigging for carp fishing foam sold in any fishing store. There are many variations, until the snap-in “killer carp”. For this purpose you can approach and other snap-ins, like “nipples”, but it’s not for sale because it is easy to do yourself. If you do not want to waste precious time on rigging, you’d better buy, especially if resources permit. Each spring the trough may be 2-3 hook, although many anglers attach up to 6 hooks. If to fix them properly, on short leashes, they will not be able to get confused.

    To snap-in to work properly, you must properly secure leashes with hooks. They are usually attached on both sides of the trough. Purchase the trough hooks can be tied not as it is necessary for fishing on the foam, so they will have to move to another place. Most importantly, the length of leads does not exceed 5 centimeters. As practice shows, this is the best long leash for such a tackle.

    The rod

    Since this is bottom fishing, you must equip any rod, or spinning, or feeder. Of course, that the feeder rod will cost much more. Many anglers still use the old Soviet spinning with inertia reels. Unfortunately, for catching carp, they will not work, because it will often have to perezapustit tackle, and to determine the bite on them hard. The fact that the definition of bite is carried out by movement of the rod tip. In this case, the softer the rod tip, the more sensitive the gear, and the old spinners are very rough and tough.


    For such conditions of fishing it is better to opt for a spinning reel. Special requirements to the coil does not extend, but it must be powerful, since you have to throw a considerable weight in the far distance. The coil should be placed at least 50 meters of fishing line, 0.3 mm thickness. the Size of spool 2500-3000. This will be enough.

    Fishing line

    Despite the fact that most come across individuals that weigh 150-200 grams, the line is thinner than 0.25 mm can be used. Feeder stuffed with groundbait can weigh up to 100 grams and when you cast, more line just does not hold.

    Hooks should be fastened on the elastic leash. Better to use a thin cord of white color, although going fishing line with a thickness of about 0.15 mm.

    How much foam should cling to the hook

    Anglers who have heard about the fact that the carp caught on the foam, trying to catch, too, but they make one error. Catching the foam ball, they don’t think about the fact that he, along with hook was in the water. In the result, the foam ball is too small and can not raise the hook or hook used heavy of thick wire and a foam ball it is unable to raise. Therefore, the hook together with the foam sinks to the bottom, and the likelihood that the fish will bite is almost zero. So, before you throw tackle need to check whether sinking the hook with the foam. It may happen that the volume of one ball, and sometimes you have to stick 2 or 3 small ball in the form of beads. To verify that it is sufficient to throw the tackle into the water near the shore, where not a lot of depth and you can see the bottom. If the hook ball is lifted and placed in the water column, so everything is in order. If the hook does not come off from the bottom, so you need to add foam or use a different hook made of thin wire.

    In fishing stores sell foam balls of any color and any flavor. Due to the fact that the foam in the shell, it does not possess characteristics such as regular white foam. To use commercially available foam have to use hooks with a long forearm and made of thin wire, as it is necessary to stick not less than 2 or 3 balls. At the same time, sold balls of different sizes, which allows you to choose beads for every occasion.
    As the foam is pushed on the hook

    When the foam is placed on the hook, then the main condition is that the stinger hook was always open. And, regardless of how many balls onto the hook. Under this condition the fish is hooked by the hook. If this is not done, the chances that the fish will intersect very little. In this case, fishing may not be effective.

    Fishing for carp on foam is that it samorodskaya. When he hits the hook, then tries to leave, but the weight of the trough does not allow him to do it. As a result, the hook thoroughly pinpoint the fish, after which it off the hook will not be able to leave. But she keeps trying, which shows the movement of the rod tip. The angler just start to reel the fishing line, pulling ashore the next carp. Since the hook might not be alone, and carp may be the same. Therefore, fishing in the foam is performance. The main thing is to choose a strong, thin, but sharp hooks. Typically, these characteristics are import hooks from well-known firms. Domestic hooks are not suitable for this kind of fishing.

    The use of bait

    For the more active biting when fishing for carp, there are different types of baits. These can be purchased already prepared mixes and homemade. For those who do not want to stand at the stove to cook porridge, enough to buy bait at the bait shop. And not necessarily something to ask the seller, as each package is specified, for catching what kind of fish bait is intended. Of course, if you constantly buy the bait shop, the fishing can be “Golden”. In this regard, many anglers are practicing self-preparation of bait.

    Of course, what you need to know what is the best bait for carp. In addition, the specificity of fishing in spring requires a bait that has a special consistency. The fact that the bait of a trough is quickly washed away. In this regard, the need to tightly ramming the bait into the feeder. But this still does not guarantee successful fishing, as the bait should be disclosed after some time. Thus will be formed aft of the spot that will keep the carp in the point of fishing. So, each time you must throw the tackle in the same place.

    Many fishermen are not particularly prepared baits with lots of ingredients. They practice the cooking of cereals containing a few components and made from the same cereals, for example barley. At the same time, they don’t stand at the stove and steamed barley in a thermos. This method is convenient because the preparation does not have to spend a lot of time. Barley pour boiling water before going fishing. For the time it takes to get to the pond, the barley is ready to use. Near the pond it added the dry ingredients, e.g., cake (cake) to bring the bait to the desired consistency. Here you can take a water, if necessary.

    In any case, if the bait to cook, it will be much cheaper because most of the ingredients can be found in the kitchen.

    If you look at the Internet, you can find a lot of variety of recipes that do not contain scarce components.

    Where else can help out foam

    Fishing foam can be effective even in cases when fishing the classic bait does not give any results. Typically, the foam is effective on waters with a heavily silted bottom. What’s the deal here? But the fact is that, getting to the bottom of the trough is gradually sinking in the mud with a nozzle. As a result, the carp simply will not notice. Experienced anglers, knowing what it is, from time to time twitching of the rod tip, forcing it to move at the bottom of the trough and with the hook attachment. The task can be very simplified, if to use the foam. It can be spread far from the bait, and she wouldn’t drown in the mud. If all the calculate correctly, it is possible to raise the hook with the bait above the bottom, which will make fishing productive.

    The catching of such fish as sabrefish requires that the nozzle was in the water, because chehon does not feed from the bottom. She attacks the bait or in the moment when she slowly sinks to the bottom, or when it is in the water column. Same here can help out with foam. Importantly, to impose such an amount of foam so the hook was able to climb from the bottom, and can remain in the water column. Then you can guarantee the biting of other fish, such as carp or silver carp.


    Fishing for carp is an interesting, fascinating and exciting pastime. There is even a certain type of fishers, who practice exclusively to catch this fish. They are called “charsetname”. But even “caracatita” not everyone knows that it can catch on the foam, and those that know, claim that they have a carp on the foam does not bite. The reason for that is incorrect, outdated approach to the process of fishing. The main fishing gear “caracatita” is a conventional float rod and tackle, under the name “rubber.” Of hooks they stick mainly worm and maggots. From such a bait the carp never refuses, though, and prefers summer food of plant origin.

    Fishing foam balls requires very different tackle and a different principle of fishing. Basic tackle is a bottom fishing rod with a trough. It may be a snap-in type “spring” or “nipple”. The principle of operation is almost the same, but the design of the nipples a lot easier and more compact. Doing the “pacifier” of the usual plastic cover from under the same plastic bottle, the capacity from 3 to 5 liters. How it is done, you can find on the Internet. Despite the simplicity of the design, it has an enviable efficiency.

    Going for carp, it should be remembered that can bite other fish, larger if such is found in the pond. There are ponds, which are stocked exclusively with carp, like other fish in these waters cannot survive, therefore, should not be afraid that will bite a big fish.

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