How to choose a reel with front drag


The day came when the angler is aware of the need to purchase new coils. After weighing all the “pros” and “cons”, he preferred option with front friction brake. The reasons are many: ease of use, and more simple and sophisticated design, devoid of superfluous mechanical components, and sufficiently high reliability, and, most importantly, the convenience and sensitivity settings of the friction brake.

Choosing between models peredavlennyh “mincing”, presented for sale, be determined is difficult. To ensure that the choice was right, you must know the exact characteristics that you should look for when choosing a spinning reel with front drag. With a huge selection of such coils can be found on the website of the Kiwi Market.

How to choose the right prenepremenno coil and not a “miss”?

The above differences of the coils with the front friction brake has made them so popular from the fishermen. For this reason, models with this layout of the brake, is represented in the sale, great variety. Choosing between any models, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

Number of bearingsthat are hidden under the body of the coil. The more the softer and smoother operation of the coil, the heavier its weight. Optimal and reasonable number of bearings is 7-8 pieces installed in key nodes.

The materialfrom which made the main gear pair. The most optimal are the gears made of zinc alloy, cast under high pressure. Modern reel with gears made of powder aluminum does not have high reliability and regularly die under high load.

Smoothness friction brakes. A wide range of adjustments, coupled with smooth and precise changes, and soft his work and bleed the line without jerks – that’s its main function.

The availability of auxiliary systems such as “quick clutch”. This is an analogue lever friction brakes fightin’ drag. Represents an additional adjustment made in the upper clamping nut. It can help to quickly clamp or release the clutch, without changing the main brake.

The number of extra spools. In order to be prepared for any fishing conditions, you must have at least two spools – one is kept braided cord, on the other – monofilament fishing line of an appropriate diameter. Alternately changing the spool, the angler will be ready for any fishing conditions. Many advanced coil completed three and even four spool which, of course, affect the results of fishing.

Adhering to these guidelines and paying attention to these, at first sight, trifles, the angler will choose a right spinning reel with front drag, which will serve him faithfully for many years.

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