What weather does a carp

The change in the weather sensitive not only people, many fish are also sensitive to atmospheric collisions. Carp is no exception. Often, what a great evening bite in the morning turns into a complete disregard for any bait. Let’s understand why this happens, and what action to take.

Fluctuation of atmospheric pressure

Normal activity of the fish in the pond implies that the parameters of water pressure in a fish’s bladder and the air must be equal. If the total atmospheric air pressure is increased, this leads to the fact that the body of silver carp have a double burden. This, of course, fish don’t like. In those days many fish trying to float to the surface of the water, and relieve excess pressure from the air bladder, or, conversely, swallow the air. Thus, they achieve a better balance. The carp such procedures do not like.

The normal rate of air pressure of approximately 750 mm of mercury. The best bite of the carp is celebrated for these values. If there is an increase in level, the fish rises to reduce the hydraulic pressure in your body. In such beautiful, Sunny days, a flock of carp lazily moves near surface water layer, it is not reacting to the bait.

When is the lower atmospheric background, the fish goes to the depth of to increase the load in the water column. If fishing occurs in warm weather, and even with weak pressure, it is a good idea to bite near the deep holes. When cold carp buried in silt, and to respond to the bait will not.

When a variable pressure, the fish will bite better on the slide background and not on the increase as it gradually goes on its usual place.

How does temperature and precipitation

Most good crucian fishing occurs in warm, but not hot weather. If the weather had not changed for several days, unable to cook gear and get on the water without a catch will not.

Carp are biting well on hot days with thunderstorms and downpours. Air and water saturated with ozone, and the fish in the reservoirs alive. But when the storm passes, the activity of the members of the order Karasevich decreases again. The fact that the water becomes electrified, and it’s not like the members of the fish fauna.

Nice fish responds to the bait during periods of prolonged cloudy weather and with the change of atmospheric background with a small drizzling rain. In those days, the water is saturated with oxygen, the pressure is normal.

Conversely, really do not like the carp periods with sharp jumps in temperature. When the heat of the day gives way to the cold night, the bite can not wait. If the morning was cool, but during the day there has been significant warming, then the shallow water will be a good evening bite. Approximately the same will occur in early may.

The wind

We can confidently say that the fish will not bite during the storm and high winds. The winds are weaker to interfere with fishing will not. The shore on the leeward side one can choose for fishing carp.

The most efficient are generally considered southern, Western and South-Western wind direction. North winds (not too cold) are also quite suitable for Karaseva fishing. The East wind usually leads to high blood pressure, and is not suitable for fishing carp. On a still day with the temperature around 20 degrees the bite will be good.

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