Ban on fishing in Russia 2018 – basic information


  • Ban on fishing
  • Legislation
  • Types and periods of restrictions on fishing
  • Oversight
  • Forbidden exception
  • How to avoid penalties

Fishing is popular all over the world. And if the fishing was a way of survival, now it is kind of a hobby, entertainment. For some professional fishermen it is also a source of income. To protect fish populations in our country, a ban on fishing, which limits both Amateurs and professionals. The degree and manner restrictions on fishing for each region on your own.

Ban on fishing

The state protects the fish population in the reservoirs by the introduction of various prohibitions. Special attention is paid to the protection of fish during spawning. What more fruitful will be spawning in the reservoir, the more young it to appear.

The protection is carried out by imposing restrictions on the catch of valuable fish species, setting clear time limits for fishing, restriction or prohibition of fishing in spawning areas.

Of Central Russia is characterized by a ban on fishing in April and may. This period lasts an average of about 40 days.

In each region set its own time limits this prohibition. For example, in the Republic of Tatarstan it is valid from 25 April to 10 June, in Bashkiriafrom 1 may to 10 June , etc.

For example, the ban on fishing in the territory of Ukraine is significantly different from the ban in Russia.

Strict rules apply on the territory of Nizhnekamsk and Kuybyshev reservoirs. Here spawning ban especially long. He might deny you any options of fishing from early April to mid-July.

Areas where spring fishing is allowed, are set by the state Inspectorate of fisheries. The fishermen are made aware of what areas fishing in spring is permitted.

The most recent data on areas allowed for fishing will be added by the editors “On the hook” at the bottom of the page in the comments to this article. If you learned something earlier – share with others.

The timing of the ban on fishing may vary not only across regions. Within a territory or region may set different limits for each pond, each fish species.

Types of ban:

  • Fishing in the winter. In winter it is prohibited to catch valuable fish species.
  • Fishing during the spawning period.
  • Fishing from the shore.
  • Fishing from the coastal reeds.
  • Fishing with nets, electric, traps, etc.
  • To use gear with more than 10 hooks.
  • Bully fish toxic substances.
  • Fishing from a boat.
  • To catch rare fish without a license.
  • Fishing around locks, hydroelectric dams, etc.

The ban on fishing established by the Federal Agency for fisheries. The state Duma adopted 26.11.2004 G. FZ “On fisheries and conservation of aquatic biological resources”

This law has been approved by all heads of subjects of the Russian Federation. Each region determines its order of injunction by the introduction of certain rules, terms, restrictions.

The main documents defining the prohibition of fishing within each region are the fishing Rules.

Legislation designed to guard against the extinction of fish populations, constantly updated. The Ministry of agriculture of Russia periodically develops and creates new fishing regulations. All existing constraints clearly define the areas of fishing and the timing of the ban.

In the period of prohibition of fishing you can do the tuning of your inflatable boat or making various lures for next season. For example, such as “Croatian egg”.
Types and periods of restrictions on fishing

In most regions of the country, the ban on fishing is of two types:

  • the spring and summer;
  • autumn-winter.

The ban for fishermen may manifest a number of limitations. These include:

  • Commercial measure. Determines the minimum size allowed for fishing.
  • The order of installation of devices for fishing.
  • Certain terms of gear.
  • Setting the number of allowable catch of juveniles under commercial measures.
  • Denial of access to the water with fishing gear.

Each region establishes the number of allowable catchper fisherman. This figure depends on the number of fish, diversity of species, presence of valuable species of fish in the pond.

Because fishermen use more simple in the quality and quantity of tackle, for them, the limitations are not as significant as for professionals.

So, fans are allowed to fish using float fishing rods, reels, Gerlich, fishing rods with tackle, market, and other gear (in which the number of hooks no more than 10 pieces).

Also, it is permissible to fish in waters in which spawning occurs.

Some tools for fishing are prohibited and are illegal. For example, trap net, jail, spider, track, fixed network, etc.
Control restrictions on fish catches and their compliance with implementing the Federal fisheries Agency. The mission of the organization are required to patrol the waterways and coastal areas to detect violators of the law.
Types of responsibility for poaching

Violators of the prohibitions may carry criminalor administrative punishment.

In accordance with article 256 of the criminal code (part 1) illegal fishing with the use of appropriate AIDS and appliances can lead to imprisonment.

The violation of a number of fishing regulations can lead to administrative responsibility. In this case, the culprit must pay a fine. The size of the fine may be up to 20 minimal wages.

If the offender was seized vessels and fishing gear, they come back after paying the fine. Are non-refundable those guns that are banned. Also, the value of the fish caught in violation of the law.

The damage which the offender caused shall be compensated in accordance with existing in this region tariffs.

Forbidden exception

On some bodies of water to fish is prohibited throughout the year due to its permanent presence there in large quantities. A similar situation is observed on the following sites:

  • Channels teploenergotsentrali.
  • On the inlet and discharge canals of power plants.
  • On gateway cameras.
  • On pyatisotletny rivers (above, below dams).
  • On the inlet main channel.

The number of categories of citizens have benefits to fish. These include:

  • invalids of war;
  • the participants of the war;
  • invalids I and II groups;
  • Heroes of the USSR;
  • heroes of Russia;
  • inspector of fisheries;
  • children up to 16 years.

So, these citizens can fish for free and without permits fish at the cultural fishery, belonging to societies of hunters and fishermen. All other people can catch in these places only fish vouchers (paid or free).

How to avoid penalties

Before you go fishing, you need to learn all the rules of fishing, which operate in the region. And rules for Amateurs and for professionals can be very different.

When meeting with officials, which makes the certificate of the inspector of fisheries, it is important to behave. The inspector has the full right to request documentation to verify the catch, tackle, boat, etc.

Resisting or obstructing inspection can be regarded as a violation of the rules of fishing. In this situation, the inspector gets the right to use force and special means (handcuffs, baton etc.).

In the presence of violations on the part of the fisherman , the inspector has the right to detain and make the report. On the fact of violation will be prosecuted and the perpetrator brought to administrative or criminal liability.

The penalty under the administrative penalty must be paid to the place of fishing, and in the Bank. In the case of institution of criminal proceedings on the fact of serious violations in the field of fisheries can be fined a large amount or made a court order on deprivation of liberty for a certain period.

If the detainee believes that the charge brought against him falsely, he may within 10 days to challenge it.

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