Fishing chair with their hands: foldable and with back drawings

Fishing chair with their hands

Every angler has a chair on which he sits near the pond and catches a fish, and admiring nature when there is no bite. You can do without chairs, but this is not the fishing. Fishing is primarily a leisure in which person accumulates energy for the future. If fishing on the chair, you can easily do a whole day. If fishing to carry the day on the feet, then the person gets tired quickly. Of course, if you take the spinnings, they chair are not needed as they over the entire period of fishing a lot of moving, in search of predatory fish. For fans of the classic fishing with a conventional rod or feeder, a chair is simply necessary.

It can be purchased in the store or make yourself, the more that it is not difficult. This is what told in this article.

The contents

  • 1 fishing Chair with their hands
    • 1.1 Chair-lounger
    • 1.2 chair-a chair with a backrest
    • 1.3 the Chair-box
    • 1.4 Ordinary chair-clamshell
  • 2 Quality and device fishing chair
  • 3 Designs homemade fishing chairs
  • 4 Materials used to build the chair
  • 5 manufacturing Technology chair for fishing
    • 5.1 General approaches
    • 5.2 Drawing drawing
    • 5.3 Calculations
    • 5.4 Folding fishing chair on four pillars
    • 5.5 Fishing chair on three legs
    • 5.6 chair-a chair with a backrest
    • 5.7 the Chair-box for fishing
    • 5.8 Chair-lounger
  • 6 Recommendations

Fishing chair with their hands

For the manufacture of fishing chair with their hands there are many options. As a rule, most anglers opt for simple models with minimum weight and occupy a minimum of space. Many believe that a chair is needed in order to facilitate the fishing process, making it more comfortable. Comfort higher level requires a more serious design, which are unlikely to be easy and will take a lot of volume. In some cases this does not matter, if you have to transport fishing gear and other accessories.

Most beneficial fishing may be such designs:


Many anglers take with a similar design, if fishing is planned for a long period. We all know that the biting fish is not regular and it makes the breaks, especially during the day. When the bait is missing, then we can lie down, only occasionally glancing at the indicator poklevki. If you install the electronic indicator, the bite point never to miss. Naturally, the chair lounger is not a simple design, is not easy and is in the process of transporting a lot of space.

Chair-a chair with a backrest

It’s a pretty useful thing, because it allows to relax the back, which is important, especially for anglers older. Chair-the chair can be used in other cases. Such models take with me when go out fishing for a few days, like a weekend.


This design has a number of advantages in comparison with other models, as it can not only sit, but also storing fishing supplies and caught fish. Lovers summer fishing chair box is not in great demand, but fans of winter fishing to appreciate the advantages of such a model. The majority of winter anglers have in their Arsenal a chair-a box, because it is an indispensable thing.

The usual chair-clamshell

Naturally, such a chair does not possess the necessary level of comfort, but it has several advantages. First, it is lightweight as it is made out of lightweight materials. Secondly, it takes up little space and can be transported even on a bike, you can not say about other structures. There are claims that this chair is to sit as comfortable as on the ground or on a stump. First, you need the height of the stump is unlikely to find a fishing spot fish, and secondly, sitting on the ground near the pond may not go unnoticed, the more that has to sit for a long time. In addition, the chair-cot is not difficult to make yourself. And, take a little time and money.

The quality and device of the fishing chair

Quality fishing chair depends on many factors, including from his device. In the manufacture of such accessories are lightweight materials that have high durability. Other materials, though durable, but they carry considerable weight. Besides, required for the manufacture of a special tool.

Typically, the device of the fishing chair is to ensure that the design transformirovalsya from the working position to transport position. This approach allows to reduce the occupied product space. Because it has moving parts, the reliability of a design is significantly reduced. Therefore, the design should be simple and to have a minimum of movable joints.

Before to start manufacturing of chairs for fishing must be good to calculate, and most importantly to decide on it device. Besides, it is necessary to own elementary skills of working with different materials and tools.

Design improvised fishing chairs

  • Chair-cot, as a rule, consists of 2 planes, connected by a hinge, and the device regulating the angle of inclination of the back. Basically, the seat and backrest are made in the form of a frame made of light metal, on which is stretched a fabric, according to the principle all known cots. By the way, if you try, the old clamshell can make fishing chair with a minimum of cost.
  • Chair-drawer. The simplest design consists of tables, of a certain height (about 40 cm) on top of which is mounted a padded seat. It serves as the top cover of the Cabinet and has the ability to open. Inside the Cabinet are stored fishing gear, and fish.

  • Chair with backrest and armrests. You can do both folding and solid, but for its transportation required minibus, as in a normal car it will not fit. A solid option is highly reliable, but it will have to pay you a useful space. Most suitable option is a folding chair. To make such a chair will have to work hard. For making this design it is also important to use lightweight materials, but possessing acceptable strength.
  • Chair-lounger. The most difficult design to manufacture which required a lot of personal time and money. In this case, will have to give preference to a rollaway option. In any case, it’s the most suitable option. Its working principle is similar to the chair-cot. It can also be built of 2 x folding parts. The only difference is that the pieces are made, for example, made of plywood and obryvayutsya soft material. Therefore, such design may take up more space, but it is somewhat more reliable.

The materials used to build the chair

The main materials for making fishing chair are wood, plywood and particleboard. The use of metal is limited by the availability of special tools. First, you will need a welding machine, which not everyone can handle. Many argue that aluminium is not suitable, as it is too soft. This statement is incorrect. Many still remember the Soviet cot, on which rested a home or cottage. Frame it is made of aluminum. Despite this, the clamshell was fine. So, who has the ability to use aluminum or duralumin pipe with a diameter of about 2 cm, it can be safely used. At the same time, you will get light and mobile design, moreover, is steady against atmospheric conditions. As with other materials, they will need to protect from moisture.

Will need a durable fabric or faux leather upholstery. For mobile connections have a lot of bolts, washers and nuts, and possibly other parts. It all depends on personal preferences and the nature of the design.

Technology chair for fishing

It is time to move from description to practice for the manufacture of 3 types of chairs described above.

Common approaches

All types of chairs, regardless of the design, consist of similar components. Therefore, some stages of manufacturing will be similar.

First and foremost, you need to do is to determine the structure of the future chair and create his drawing, under a drawn sketch. Thus, the drawing should specify the main dimensions and sizes of component parts, separately.

All major parts should be listed and based on them a list. For example:

  • Legs-2 PCs.
  • Back with legs.
  • Chair.
  • 4 bolts, etc.

If you look at the drawing, it is possible to determine the full availability of all materials required for the manufacture of the structure.

Drawing drawing

All went to school and remember well the lessons of descriptive geometry. Therefore special problems in drawing such a simple drawing should not be. If something does not work, you can not draw an actual drawing, and to restrict the usual drawings of details from the hand, putting their real sizes.

Drawing involves drawing the product from three sides – the front, side and top. The types at the top and side are called projections. The main image is the front view and the side view is located to the right of the main picture, and the view from the top – from the bottom of the picture. In this case, the side view and the top view should not go beyond the dimensions of the front view. This can be considered a perfectly executed drawing.

At the same time, it should be noted that the time graph paper and drawing paper left. Nowadays they were replaced by computers, mounted special programs to automate the design process, including the stage of creating working drawings. Unfortunately, to learn how to create drawings on the computer the necessary experience. Therefore, it is not worth the bother for such a simple design, because you can do the usual freehand drawing.


To avoid confusion in the drawings, you must specify the actual dimensions of all parts.

After all the dimensions identified and procured all the materials, you can proceed to the main stage is the implementation of ideas into practice. For this you need to go into the Studio, which can serve as a balcony, shed or garage where all tools and materials.

Foldable fishing chair with four legs

For its production you need to take a few wooden boards and each of them center to drill one hole. After that, connect the boards with the letter “X” with the bolts.

The same is done with another couple of bars. In conclusion, the two letters “Kh” together, after which the chair oblivaetsya artificial leather. He served for a long time, it should be covered with two layers of water repellent varnish. All, the chair is ready for use. But it will not be a folding chair which is not very much usable space. According to the same scheme make folding chairs, but it is better to use metal.

Fishing chair on three legs

There are chairs and this type. Unfortunately, are very rarely used, as this design is not very stable.

Chair-a chair with a backrest

The manufacture of such a chair can take much longer useful time and effort is required more.

Manufacture technology:

First and foremost is going to the back leg, and then the second pair of legs with the seat. Before Assembly, check the conformity of all sizes, then you can start drilling holes for the connection. The legs are connected in the same way as in the first case, the letter “X”. for the connection screws are used. Bolt holes should be drilled slightly larger diameter to fit freely. The seat is connected to the front end. The seat back is fixed on tightly, and the hinges to make a folding design. If desired, the seat can be attached armrests. At the same time, you need to consider that fold-away design and armrests are in the way.

A chair-box for fishing

As mentioned above, the chair-box consists of a Cabinet with a top opening, which serves as a seat. This design is made from lightweight materials, such as plywood or aluminum. The upper part of the Cabinet is sheathed in artificial leather using polyurethane foam. The foam is laid first, and then it closes artificial upholstery. It not only makes the stool soft, but also makes the seat warm. This is especially true in the winter.


Manufacturing such a design will require real engineering knowledge, since the product is characterized by the presence of a large number of compounds, including moving elements.

The chair becomes a lounger (bed) due to a special mechanism. To implement such ideas it is necessary to shift the centers of the holes in the scissors closer to the edge, then cut the grooves. Then manufactured a special frame and bolted to the back. Then start making the seat. It can be made as one piece from wood and fabric.


Many anglers practice the production of different accessories with your own hands. First, it’s interesting, and secondly, such approach allows to save significant money. If you buy a chair for the angler, even the easiest, will have to part with some money, and considerable.

But if you have extra money, and have no desire or skills to do even basic product on their hands, then you can go to a fishing store and buy any chair. Usually, the store is always a wide range of such products that can satisfy consumers of any category. You can buy a simple folding chair and chair with armrests: if I had money.

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