Fishing for walleye on crankbaits

Wobbler – one of the most effective, and therefore popular artificial lures for predatory fish. Due to the oscillating movements that simulate the behavior of small fish in the water, the lures attract predator.

Fit this lure for catching all predatory fish, especially perch, pike, large salmon, and walleye. Further it goes about the peculiarities of using crankbaits for sudakevich fish: what types of bait are suitable for this fish, what techniques are used at different times of the year and how you’ll be fishing for walleye at night on crankbaits.

In the article:

1. When and where to catch walleye
2. Types of lures for catching walleye
3. Lures for night fishing for walleye
4. Fishing techniques walleye at lure on seasons
5. Top 10 most effective lures for catching walleye

When and where to catch walleye on crankbaits

To fishing was successful, you first need to choose the right place for fishing. To focus on this issue is on the habits of the species of fish you intend to catch.

Walleye to be found in clean, deep enough, not overgrown and not muddy the waters. This fish prefers quiet, strong place, rich in oxygen. It can be:

  • pit with a windbreak at the bottom;
  • pools with stone or gravel and sandy bottom;
  • deepening under dams or flooded sloping channel reservoirs;
  • sills with reverse flow;
  • a stony ridge.

The walleye bite starts at dawn (about 5:00 to 9:00) or early morning (10:00-11:30) and evening hours (from 23:00 for one and a half hours). From mid-July bite primarily at night, the end of summer drifting in the deeper locations of the reservoir.

Because the mouth of this predator is not big, he’s after more than a narrow fish (such as roach, ruff, perch and bleak), bypassing hasterok, CONV and bream. It reacts mainly on the vibrations that emanate from its output – the brightness of the lure due to the characteristics of this fish does not matter. That is why fishing for walleye lures is a highly effective way of fishing for walleye.

Tip! Watch the hunted the pike in the pond. When you choose realistic lure is to give preference to those models that are most similar to the production of this predator.

Types of lures for catching walleye

Among the huge variety of different models of this lure is not always possible immediately to identify one that will suit your specific needs and conditions. Here, again, consider the behavior of perch while hunting.

Based on the above facts, there are several technical characteristics that must be present in Zander types of lures:

  • Wobbler should have a more oblong rather than “bellied” shape.
  • You should not take the bait of large size, if you plan on catching a small perch – on the contrary, it will scare away the fish.
  • To increase the sink rate of the lure to the desired depth can be applied spaced snap-in type tap-off leash or drop shots (this type of equipment is best used during winter fishing).
  • The angle of attack of the lure (that is, the angle between the blade and the lure of his body) should be small, so that the entry into the water layers occurred more naturally, like a real fish;
  • Since the walleye respond to the vibrations that will come from the lure, the nature of its work (the game) needs to be active with uniform and slow moving;
  • If the perch is caught during the corral of combat, when the whole flock moves in the surface layers of water, it is best to use lures that imitate wounded minnows – wobblers for twiching.

It is also worth considering the working depth of the lure. Zander lures should go down to a depth of some 2.5 meters.

Tip! If a predator went further than this depth or lay down at the bottom, is taken slowly zaglubljajutsja bait. It is necessary to carry out very smoothly, to lure walleye to the surface of the water is too sudden movements frighten the fish.

Lures for walleye fishing night

In the dark walleye is caught as well as the day. But for the bait in this case it is better to use the models of lures that have proven themselves during the night fishing walleye:

Crankbaits Minnow. They are particularly oblong and small blades. The working depth of these plugs do not exceed five feet, allowing you to successfully lure the walleye to the water surface at night. It is important to use a special technique of fishing. From the usual twiching it is different because moving the bait need not too sharp movements, simulating the behavior of a sleepy fry.

Deep Minnow. Have the same rod-shaped, but the larger size of the blade. Because of this, the working depth of the lure increases, and it is easy to sh sandbar, garagiste and precipitous places.

Crankbaits Shad (Shadi). Calstatela bait with a large blade that can descend to great depths for walleye fishing in the edge.

Wobblers Crank (cranky). It is a thicker fish that have the ability to animate independently. They are used for fishing in shallow waters, river rapids.

Tip! The main rule for night walleye fishing – keep bait sharply into the water if the fish is nearby. All movements should mimic the behavior of a calm sleepy baby fish.


Video: choose the size of the bait when night fishing for walleye on crankbaits


Fishing techniques walleye at lure on seasons

Perch can be caught almost all year round, except during spawning season – in the spring, as soon as the waters coming off the ice until early summer. During this period, the predator is almost inactive.

After spawning, approximately from early to mid summer walleye especially eagerly bite on the bait. By the end of summer becomes less active, but in the first autumn cold again begins to fatten. In the cold time of the year to find walleye is at the depths and to choose for this shallow crankbaits.

It is particularly convenient to catch walleye in the winter. For this period, too, there are special Zander lures – rattlinthat allow easy fishing at different depths.

Of the main features of this lure are the following:

  • they have no blades;
  • basically it is a sinking type baits, suspender among rathlin island are rare;
  • point of attachment is on the top;
  • they have two hooks-tee;
  • they contain a rattle, which increases the efficiency of the crank.

But this type of versatile lures, use lures-you can recline and summer. But when winter fishing should take into account the fact that a flock of perch in the pond will be constantly moving in search of a new food, so fishermen should also periodically change the place of fishing and drilling new wells.

Top 10 most effective lures for catching walleye

It is easiest to Orient in a large assortment of different models of crankbaits, looking at the list of the most popular ones. Top 10 crankbaits for walleye fishing:

1. L-minnow 44 brand Yo-Zuri. This is a classic artificial lure-Wobbler sinking type, combining the most optimal for walleye fishing features. Fairly durable plastic allows you to reuse it with no fear of damage from the teeth of predatory fish. The efficiency of fishing increases due to active vibration and loud noise from the built-in Wobbler movable balls. Well suited for night fishing.

2. Shallow Flat Maxx. This type of lure is designed specifically for fishing for walleye. It perfectly mimics small fish like bleak or sabrefish, making active vibration and rattling sounds.

3. LiveTarget Threadfin Shad. Realistic Wobbler, well suited for fishing at a depth of from one half to two and a half meters. Using the technique of transaction with small pauses, you can quickly attract the walleye to the bait, bringing it to the surface. Has trankovoy form and suitable for catching most predatory fish.

4. Reef Runner Rip. Despite the fact that this bait you need to learn how to use and customize it under the necessary conditions, the result of catching it is going to be worth the monetary and time costs. This lure is perfect for fishing in rivers with strong current, its type is sinking, and the working depth is three meters.

5. Pontoon 21 – Greedy-Guts. Universal Wobbler for catching of predatory fish. Especially proven itself during the night fishing due to its excellent acoustic properties and vivid dynamics.

6. Shad Rap from Rapala. Bait-Rapala established themselves as one of the best crankbaits that are suitable even for beginners. Their properties allow you to fish both in winter and summer, regardless of weather conditions, time of day and even the behavior of the walleye.

7. Barra Magnum from the company Rapala. The version designed for deep-sea fishing. Working depth of this type of a crank – up to seven meters.

8. Duel Hardcore Shad SH 50 SP. This compact dvuhruchevaja Wobbler is ideal for catching small perch weighing more than a kilogram. Immersion depth up to two meters and a half, float or suspender.

9. TD shiner 1062 sp. Another universal Wobbler. Its feature is the tungsten weights that increase the maximum distance casting tackle and create a special acoustic effect during twiching.

10. Hils Master The Haka. Perfect for fishing hard to reach areas (sills, koreinik areas, etc.) to a depth of five meters. The type of this lure is floating, it is equipped with two hooks and a rather large shovel.

Video: TOP 10 crankbaits that catch walleye

Video: Fishing for walleye on crankbaits: the game of bait, depth and significance of color


The more natural it will look bait, the more likely that it will interest a predator. But the above recommendations will help you to select the type of lure, which will have optimal technical characteristics for walleye fishing in specific conditions.


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