Police stopped the poachers with the help of a service weapon

Police Astrakhan region detained in the Volga Delta boat with illegal catch, tells the “Fishnews”. The total weight of sturgeon taken alone exceeded 300 kg. to catch the fleeing poachers, law enforcement officers had to shoot them with the boat motor.

RAID in peals of Northern Caspian sea was conducted by the staff of management of economic safety and counteraction of corruption UMVD of Russia across the Astrakhan region as part of operation “Putina-2018”. At about 9 a.m. police noticed a boat with an outboard motor, in which were three men.

The police demanded to stop the engine and heave to. However, the boat continued to move, picking up speed and dangerous maneuvering to prevent mooring her boat to the interior Ministry. Such actions of the attackers have created a real threat to the security of both police officers and the offenders, noted in the Department.

In the pursuit of guards of an order had to use service weapon. Was first made warning shots in the air, and when dangerous maneuvers continued, the police opened fire on the motor, reported in a press-service regional UMVD. According to management, when firing observed security measures in relation to the driver and passengers of the boat. The engine was out of order, and the vessel stopped.

In the boat, police found 96 sturgeon and two Sevruk. Part of sturgeon, the total weight of which amounted to 324 kg, has already been gutted and beheaded. Also, the detainees seized 11 carp with a total weight of 63 kg. On the fact of illegal extraction of water bioresources in a criminal case.

Photo: press-service UMVD of Russia across the Astrakhan region.

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