Ponds of Vologda and Pskov regions joined the white salmon and pike

In water bodies of the Vologda and Pskov regions has produced more than 7 million larvae white salmon and pike. Stocking was conducted in the framework of the program of compensation of the damage caused to the economic activity of enterprises. The releases took place under the supervision of the staff with the participation of representatives of the committees and scientists.

In the Pskov region pike actively mined as fishers and anglers. To maintain fishing stocks in the region has a program to restore the population of large predators. As reported a press-service Severo-the Western territorial administration, 1 million 250 thousand pike larvae were released into lake water Uinskoe Gdov district.

In the Vologda region, in the river Kubena Ust-Cuban district has moved about 6 million larvae nelma. This is one of the main valuable species Kubani, the number of which is declining due to massive fishing, note in territorial administration.

Once nelma in kubenskoe lake were abundant, However, due to uncontrolled harvest by the middle of XX century, he not only completely lost commercial value, but was on the verge of extinction. This determined the necessity to start work on its artificial reproduction. In 2014, the measures for artificial reproduction of white salmon in kubenskoe lake and spawning channel – river Kubena.

Photo: “Vologda online portal”.

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