Sea bass fishing with surface lures.

Warm summer days are not only a great time to relax on the beach is also the best time for catching bass on surface lures. This method is very popular primarily because of its impressive entertainment – bass jumping for bait, provides the thrill, blood-curdling in his veins.

At the active feeding fish in surface water is affected by many factors. The most influential is the sun, which dictates certain conditions over water. Any changes in the irradiation of water with sunlight, like a Domino effect pulling for the subsequent changes to habitat of fish.

The generally accepted principle is that the more heat the better. Despite the relatively unpredictable fluctuations in the weather, summer in our country provides good conditions for perch fishing. The period when bass are most likely feeding on the surface – is July, August and September. However, each pond has its own rules, and you can get satisfactory results in may and October.

The secret weapon is our Arsenal

From the suggestions of hundreds, and perhaps thousands of surface lures to choose several items of different shapes, sizes and work. The objective of the lure (Popper) – is, above all, to create more noise on the surface of the water. An interesting solution are the baits, is equipped with an additional “rattles” to generate acoustic waves under water and the propellers in the rear.

You should pay attention to the following poppers:

Savage Gear 3D Pop Pray is one of the most promising proposals in this list. Length 6,6 cm Wobbler with integrated long cast system, through which the Wobbler got a much better flight properties. The specially formed mouth allows you to emit noise of varying intensity, depending on the technique of transaction.

Salmo Spittin Rover – the dual structure of conventional Rover, however, this model is also equipped with a special propeller, which causes additional noise.

Rapala Skitter Pop , the lure is already recognizable in the world. She conquered the market of fishing tackles in each country. Effective especially on the bass.

Rapala Ultra Light Pop – the little Popper from Rapala. This is a great alternative the days when the fish are not responding to larger lures.

DAM Finesse Baby is the second small bait worthy of attention. The Popper is equipped with an additional Gill openings that create air bubbles in the water!

Right place – right time …

To effectively catch bass on surface lures should be well aware of the pond. You also need to think outside the box. Perch during the summer can eat during the day – early in the morning, in the hot afternoon to late evening. The conclusion is obvious – it is worth catching at any time! The main thing – to find perches boilers.

The location of the fish, also should not cause serious problems, because in the summer we often meet with a smooth water surface, which “can be easily read.” Actively feeding perch make themselves known, and hard to miss hungry perch-Humpbacks that prey on fry and like a Dolphin, several times, Bouncing over the water, creating panic among the fry.

Topic: Lures for perch

Hunting perch is also accompanied by a characteristic sound “spreading” that occurs when you attempt to swallow the victim from the water surface.

Places that you should abandon Popper, is a weedy areas of the pond algae, space groups the little things and the proximity of obstacles: trees, old bridges or underwater vegetation.

Fallen trees – a great place to perch for the entire season. To catch it through a variety of ways, including on poppers. The jurisdiction of the lure between the branches can be risky, but it is in these places we have all the chances to catch a big perch.

A sense of rhythm

The wiring is surface lures, contrary to popular belief, is quite simple. However, remember that each lure has its own design and requires an individual approach. There is bait for a typical sprinkling, with a flat face that creates a hydroacoustic wave and air bubbles in the water.

There are poppers in the form of a pencil with a round face, which move on the surface according to the principle of “walk the dog”, i.e. in free translation “walk the dog” with proper synchronization of the pulling of the tip of the rod and winding the fishing line, the lure will alternately go left and right. During fishing is to do a moment’s pause. Often, it is in these moments concerned the fish decides to attack.

Special rod

The technique of topwater focuses mainly on their aggressive and quick movements, so fishing with surface lures the rod should be more stringent, but with a fast system, so we responded immediately when cutting. The rod length should be not less than 2.4 meters.

When fishing from boats are used mainly short rod with a tip adapted to the weight of lures – usually up to several tens of grams.

Of course, the selection of spinning rods is a pretty individual matter, which does not require the presence of a separate rod for each method of fishing. However, the rod with a stiff tip allows for much more control over the bait.

When to strike?

When fishing surface lures every bite perch is clearly visible and it is very spectacular. However, you should not respond to every surge of the fish. It often happens that the fish never even gets to the bait, producing a spray of water.

Every impatient angler without hesitation makes cutting, which turns out to be blank. In addition, pulling from the water the bait scares the fish interested her. So, when you need to strike? Then, when you feel the weight of the fish on the rod!

Bites in most cases do not end in one caught fish. Perch is a schooling fish and will almost always stay in the group. And there is no doubt that the next cast you will catch more than one of his fellow.


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