Universal jig

Division of jigs of two types depending on the add-on their heads or use without attachments is conditional. At the thoughtful approach it is possible to detect a third type is a kind of universal jig.

Indeed, the fans of ice fishing are divided into two main groups: those who prefer to catch, Narovlya hooks lures bloodworm, worms, dough, etc., and those catches without them for so called “biznesami” Even experts in predator fall into these categories. Shares of first and second different regions vary. A lot depends on the types of water bodies and dwells in them fish, from tradition, etc. And, as practice shows, in the camp of the ardent “besmettelijke – are often the same. who in open water, ignoring the spinning and catch float and feeder with snap-ins on the bait and the nozzle. It would seem, there is logic, however it is. However, observed some time of the excessive hype regarding the exclusive use baitless lures passed.

The statement that “bestyle” completely replace “worms”, have sunk into Oblivion, and it is necessary to recognize reasonable and logical. I believe that in fishing extremes should not be. She does not accept the division into good and bad, white and black. Therefore, if someone is caught on bloodworms is great. For the sake of fashion and imitating others is not necessarily transform in “besmettelijke”. Conversely, is able to persuade fish to bite on a bare hook when others catch it exclusively on bloodworms, too, ought not to break. In General, everyone should catch as he likes.

As for me, I prefer a middle ground. On an unfamiliar body of water will never go without having a sizeable Ugolnikov with different equipment. In the box will keep a variety of jigs, “goats”, “hell”, spinners, bold and other baits, as well as a box of bloodworms and a bottle of flour. — So if you need to do right on the pond the dough. And that’s not counting the fact that in place if you wish, you can gather more and larvae burdock moth, to find the bark or amphipod.

Another thing, when you plan to travel for well-studied water body. What bait you will need, you can often determine before leaving the house. However, not once convinced that the places where baitless fishing out of competition, a little bit. As a rule, the rivers, their oxbow lakes and creeks. On other water bodies, much will depend on various factors: the depths, water level, oxygen saturation, fishing skills, etc.

Such different jig

Considering the above mentioned division of fans of ice fishing, fishing manufacturers produce the appropriate bait. For one group — the simplest jig in which the hook is connected in one piece with the sinker, is intended only for the delivery of the bait to the bottom, Deposit their ulovistost. first of all, in a competent presentation of the hook bait. For the second group of jigs that shape and color resemble aquatic insects.

Figuratively the difference between the first and second the same as that between the stone and made it a sculpture. And if you look on the shelves, the number of possible baitless simulations clearly exceeds the number of baits providing nailene bloodworms, maggots, etc. As it is justified, to decide to those who produce them, because the supply is conditioned by demand. Well, today I will pay attention to the presence among this vast mass of lures those who may qualify for getting into the third group. Fishing is not encouraged, the term “universal”, but it is very suitable for the name of this group of lures. And, you can christen her band the rolling type.

If desired, and a careful study of the coachmen is easy to see that among them there are those who only nominally belong to one of two major groups. For example, the well-known “drops”, “osinki” or balls (pellets). In fact it is common standard float sinkers, but with hooks. However, it is to give color (can be directly on the reservoir with a marker), enhance Shine, add a crown, etc., simultaneously setting the fluctuations in the water column, as fish will start to confuse such a sinker with the object of his eating habits.

Well, the opposite examples, when baitless jig nazhivljajut butterflies, maggots, etc., do not count. The result is that sometimes comes to the absurd. Anglers begin to engage in self-deception, simultaneously deceiving others. Ask this, what catches the says, “”the devil”, and not the carcass of the interlocutor, coolly nailset hooks latest waders.

I will not go into the question of motivation of such behavior is most Often behind this common lack of experience, coupled with the unwillingness to learn and understand the science of fishing. Therefore, this approach may be justified from the point of view of compensating the lack of skills of catch, but it negates the primal essence of really cool lures that in the right hands lures fish better than with mosquito larvae. If you are caught on bloodworms, and choose the appropriate lure. With it’s simpler and the performance higher, and more fun, and funny, will not appear. Not catch the spinning of the spinner handle on the hooks. For this there are specialized carp angling equipment.

Dignity universal jigs

The question may arise: why, then, the author raises the topic of moving baits trying to put them into a separate category? The definition of the original profile — the lot of the manufacturer… so I will Answer. First, not every manufacturer gives importance to the fact that produces. Its main purpose is to make the product a bright, attractive and in demand. That is why, and prevail baitless lure which sometimes hung the artsy “bling”, which creates the illusion of unconditional ulovistost. Second, the manufacturer just not able to take into account the characteristics of each water body. More often produced baits which have proven massively better than the other. Third, self-respecting manufacturer is interested in the fact that experienced anglers practice tested its products, detecting its strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t want to seem immodest, but a few years ago the results of my tests one of the founders of the tungsten baitless lure called “the wire” began to produce outwardly the same jig, but increased the number of turns of wire in the second row from 4 to 11. Consequently, the previous very successful in fishing for perch and roach “besnica” evolved into an excellent lure for deep fishing for bream on bloodworms, which he had for her were not observed.

In addition, according to my recommendations, the master was expanded more and the range of colors of “procrastination”. In the result, the red jig was an exact copy of the Joker, successfully working all over the fish. Great revealed Golden and silver models.

The usefulness of any generic type jigs obvious to me. Use them in the following cases:

  • for fishing water objects, where different fish are caught mixed. This is true, when along with the usual winter fish all Chub, IDE, Dace, crucian carp, carp, etc. Adding to the jig head or. on the contrary, not using it, you can quickly switch to any type of fishing;
  • to provoke fish to bite. When fish are actively feeding, it successfully caught on a baitless lures. But when the bait is volatile, it is capable of abruptly end. It won’t change baitless jigs for different shape, size and color. Then it is necessary to put a hole in the same jig with bait on the hook. Biting may again be activated. And after some time from the bait again, you can refuse. Underwater inhabitants will continue to respond to “biznesami”. However, sometimes Vice versa. Bloodworms fish ignores, but is omitted in the hole with the same bait with a bare hook, increasing the frequency of its vibrations, as fish will react to the annoying subject of the strike. It does not require even changing the tooling;
  • during the period of gluhozime on the number of ponds, especially of stagnant lakes, where baitless jig bite is extremely weak, that is obvious. But the appearance of the lure of the smell that give of bait and nozzles that can change the situation for the better;
  • to catch fish of selected species. Noticed that there is mormyshkas with amazing effect. For example, the jig with crystals. They are just suitable for catching on a bare hook, and “dressed”. And if an empty hook is great they caught mainly perch, when nailene bloodworm jig becomes simply universal. From her beginning to lose his head, and roach, Rudd and other fish;
  • in the absence of fishing suitable occasion lures. Happened many times that someone of the friends have found a way to fish through the use of a certain type and color of jig. And she was the only one, and share the comrade could not. As a result, had to find something similar to imitation for themselves and make an adjustment: to remove the forearm tinsel to bend the hook, rasp needle files face, etc. Already mentioned the ball (bullet) is malopodhodyaschimi for baitless fishing, as hanging on the line vertically. However, it should bend of its hook, passing it strung on a few beads. and the working quality of the jig as a “6езнасадки” will increase. Rock it will become easier;
  • for the experiments, when the appearance of the jig it is difficult to clearly define its initial focus or just want improvisation.

Feature of universal jigs

To give a clear definition of the transition type jigs is not easy, and probably not necessary. More important are the characteristics that will allow us to use them without additional lures and baits and tips. While not bringing the matter to absurdity. These characteristics not so much. First of all, it should be only the jig, that is design with dual sinker and a single hook. No “goats”, “devils” etc. is Too small jigs, and also with a short period not closed by the weight of the forearm is not suitable. To spread the beam bloodworm as this is necessary when fishing for skimmers on such a model problematic. However, too large hooks protruding beyond the body of the jig, is also not an option. In the absence of enhancing contrast and providing additional acoustics beads, sequins, Chebrikov such jigs are difficult to adapt for baitless fishing.

The color also should pay attention to. Considered universal silver (silver) jigs, as well as black and dark brown it’d add red, gold and green. They are most clearly visible under water from a great distance.

A true sign of the universal jigs — the presence of the forearm a few not running around the shank of the beads by pressing them tightly sitting in a plastic tube. The bead does not interfere with plant bait and the nozzle, while “reviving” the simulation and providing a point of attack. As a result of active fish it is able to interest even with an empty hook.

Even more I love the jig with the crown and eyes. A species of inlaid crystals mentioned above. If you look at the catalogs, the manufacturers just write that these jigs are manufactured targeted fishing for perch. I guess in this way attempt to obtain simulated under known long a lure — eye live perch. In addition, these inserts give an additional effect of contrast, echoes with regard to the light reflection. But experience has proved the high effectiveness of such jigs and nailene bloodworm, maggots, larvae burdock moth.

If you ask me what type of jig it is possible to result as an example of the classic universal bait, did not hesitate to answer: “Uralka”.

It was originally made for fishing with a nozzle, and at various depths. However, it was later revealed that due to its curved shape under the gammarus (a crustacean amphipod), giving the water a unique vibration field, this model is able to entice the fish even with an empty hook. As a result, “uralka” was a minor redesign. It appeared to bead to create additional points of attack. By the way, I mentioned the jig “the wire” is also a variation of “oralcy”. Type “uralkam” close, nymphs, which are very efficient as baitless lures However, the presence of wings and beads covering almost all the space of the forearm, do not have to use them with animals.

That being said, the question of the wiring jigs transitional leave unattended. To proceed follows from the task. If used as a baitless. that means you play with the respective high-frequency, amplitude, velocity, and also stops, taps on the bottom and control holds. If used with a nozzle on the hook, that are much slower protegee, with long pauses, if not caught on a stationary bait In General, bored universal bait just will not let and no fish will leave. So try, experiment and have fun!

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