Catchability jig cat’s eye

It would seem that with such an abundance of jigs, it is unlikely that you can come up with a new one. But the ingenuity of fishermen and manufacturers of fishing gear has no boundaries, so there are always new models of jigs.

One of them was a jig called “cat’s eye“. This is a fairly new jig that not all fishing enthusiasts have time to test and evaluate. And those who have fished on it leave a lot of positive reviews about her ulovistost. We will try to tell you about the features of this bait.

Cat’s eye” refers to bezmetallny type of jigs, that is, its use does not involve the use of any nozzle. This depends on the type of transaction.

Often use aggressive posting with small amplitudes and short pauses. Active fish willingly responds to such transaction. If the fish activity is weak, the wiring “cat’s eye” should be slow, with greater amplitude and longer pauses.

A successfully caught on the famous “gwozdecky” fishing technique “cat’s eye” is the same. Yes, and in appearance it has some resemblance with “gusterica”.

When posting these jigs weave, the bead slides over the hook, creating the sound effect of knocking. The catching efficiency of the “cat’s eye” gets through translucent ball that can be painted in different colors.

Often this model works well in shallow water, due to the small weight works fine with slow reeling. As a disadvantage – light weight significantly increases the time of its delivery to the bottom at great depths. When a strong current is very difficult.

View jig “cat’s eye”. Reminiscent of gammarus, which feeds the fish.

The assurances of fishermen who use this jig, it catches everything. Even in the daze of fish it allows you to get away from zero.

The color of the ball is important. Green ball attracts roaches, roach, IDE. Bream prefer milky-white balls. Perches to peck at the yellow and orange, reminiscent of the perches of the eye, which is often used as a nozzle. But this is only a General observation, fishing loves experimenting with different color of jigs.

When fishing at shallow depths it is necessary to consider the lighting. In bright Sunny day it is better to use a “cat’s eye” with a bead of dark color, and Vice versa. If the depth is decent, in any case it will work more bright beads.

Despite the fact that you will have a “super cool” jig, when properly selected nod from her, nothing will. To correctly pick up a nod can read the article “Mylar nod”. In winter fishing is such a thing as “gluhozime”. In this period the well is to catch the garland.

Reviews of anglers on the cat’s eye

Anglers that write on the forums about “cat’s eye”

Daniel: “nice catch on Melaka. The ball works better than brass”.
Alex: “Well I caught on “cat’s eye” passive bass. Came across decent copies”.
Denbox: “a Notable glare of the bulb and bright stripes. The sound of the ball driving the fish crazy.”
LionKinga: “Bought in the middle of winter. The result was immediately struck by. Now this is a favorite jig”.
“Cat’s eye” with his own hands

We will talk about two ways of making this jig with your hands:

Quick method:

  • Take any basmatic, nymph, gwozdecky etc.
  • Pick up a translucent ball of the desired color.
  • The thinnest drill bit, make two holes next to each other.
  • Of thin wire, make a short clip and insert it into the holes in advance of her passing through the hook.
  • Glue “super moment” the ends of the wire.
  • Clean the joints and remove glue residue.
  • As a limiter at the sting of the hook, put a piece cambrica that will keep the ball from sliding off with it.
  • All jig cat-eye finish.

Slow way:

This method involves first making the jig from a piece of lead (tin) soldering hook, finishing, sanding and painting it. Then – in the same way.

So, “cat’s eye” — a new kind bezmetallny jig, which is becoming more popular among anglers. We offer ice fishing enthusiasts to try this jig and share your experiences with us. I would like to know, is it as efficient as write about it on fishing forums.

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