Fishing for black drum

Black Croaker is a coastal fish found in many areas that their close relative the perch. They are distributed throughout the Western Atlantic and in the Gulf countries. As shown by their appearance, they mainly feed on the bottom and consume clams and crabs. Oysters are a favorite food and oyster shell is a good place to host these fish.

Black Croaker can reach impressive sizes of over 45 pounds, although most caught fish ranging from 2 to 10 pounds. Juveniles look completely different than adults, they have black vertical stripes that make them look like a watermelon. Like other kindred fish, black drum loud with the help of his air bubble, which sometimes can be heard outside of the reservoir. They are not whimsical fish and can live in different temperatures of water.

During the capture of the black Croaker is not jumping out of the water and creates a lot of noise, and in General, they are easy enough to vyuzivajuca that enables the use of large and light fishing tackle. Although they have powerful jaws, they don’t have sharp teeth, so the conductors are not needed.


Work well the lure of crab meat, in particular pieces of blue crab. Live or dead shrimp are also often used in fishing on medium size animals.

Where is found a large black slab:

In all the countries of the Persian Gulf, but one of the main places catching big black drum is Galveston Bay in Texas.

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