Free fishing in the Moscow region, maps of water bodies, fish

Free fishing in the Moscow region, maps of water bodies

The list of waters for free fishing in the suburbs included a large reservoir, dozens of lakes, ponds and hundreds of rivers.

In connection with the permanent reduction in fish stocks in these reservoirs, fish farms actively practicing breeding different types of fish to replenish the stocks of water resources. The depletion of these resources leads to uncontrolled fishing.

The contents

  • 1 free fishing in the suburbs
    • 1.1 The Oka River
    • 1.2 Moskva River
    • 1.3 the Istra reservoir
    • 1.4 Best ponds
    • 1.5 Fishing within the village Novyy Milet
  • 2 Maps of reservoirs of Moscow region
    • 2.1 Map of the ponds
  • 3 What kinds of fish live in the suburbs?
  • 4 Fishing for carp in the suburbs: the best bodies of water
  • 5 Rules about free fishing
    • 5.1 Restrictions on free fishing: car
    • 5.2 Bans free fishing: disease and spawning
    • 5.3 What kind of fish you can catch in the suburbs and how much?
  • 6 Other, not less interesting objects for fishing
  • 7 fee fishing in the suburbs

Free fishing in the suburbs

In fact, the suburbs are still places where you can totally free to fish and enjoy nature. In addition, there is the opportunity to bring home a small catch of fish. Free fishing fish in such waters:

  • INTA the reservoir. Here is wonderfully caught perch, pike and other fish.
  • The Khimki reservoir. You’ll be within the vicinity of Moscow, that satisfies many anglers.
  • Klyazma reservoir. It is on the way Ostashkovskoe highway, which is adjacent to the ring road.
  • Pirogov. There are many kinds of fish. You can reach it by train, focusing on W/d station Pirogovo. If you travel by car then you need to move on Altufievskoe highway.
  • Yauza. To get to the village Cockerels, and then – on the Novorizhskoye highway, and then the primer. To fish is preferable from the craft, although there is a possibility and from the shore.

The Oka River

It’s a big river that flows through Moscow region. The river provides up to 20 kinds of different fish. Good conditions for active fishing: there are steep banks, spit, pits, etc. Excellent conditions for fishing are observed near the village Lamishino.

In the mouth, where it empties into the river Protva, a characteristic of KOs, where even beginners can catch walleye and other large fish. This place is considered the most productive.

Ground tackle (feeder) here successfully catch:

  • Chub;
  • IDE;
  • bream and other fish.

Near the village of Stviga located not less catchability place. And here the fishing is always productive at any time of the year. A lot of pike observed in the city of Serpukhov, in the area from railway bridge to Warsaw routes. In this area, using the feeder, pecking the following fish:

  • bream;
  • IDE;
  • bream and other fish.

Moscow River

Originates the river in the river Linnet, as it flows through the Smolensk and Moscow regions. The river is characterized by numerous types of fish, as well as a lovely setting for relaxing. The Moscow river is of great importance for Moscow and its region, as it is considered the main waterway. With the arrival of spring and autumn fish caught in the following ways, using the following attachments:

  • fishing spinning reel;
  • at the feeder (bottom line);
  • maggots;
  • on the moth;
  • for the dough;
  • on Boyle.

It is very important to overfeed the place, as without this, fishing will not be productive. No less interesting are the reservoirs located in the South-East and the South. Fishing without problems here:

  • In the bend of the river, not far from Zhukovsky.
  • In the area of Lytkarino.
  • In the center of Bronnitsy.
  • In the bend of the river Pakhra, from the village wells and to Novlensky of the dam.
  • Within Khotkovo, nearby road bridge can hunt for pike or walleye. This site is one of the best, compared to other parts of the reservoir. These places are applicable for winter fishing, if you adopt spinning. Good places are within the Kolomenskoye reserve.

    The Moscow river is different because it almost never freezes in winter due to the fact that it runs a sufficient number of warm springs. Therefore, winter fishing on the river Moscow has a special interest. Going fishing, need to be always aware of the level of water in reservoirs and the nature of the weather conditions that have a significant impact on the process of catching fish.

    The Istra reservoir

    This reservoir constructed on the river Istra in 1935 and is the largest in the suburbs. The length of this reservoir is about 20 km and its width is equal to 2 km and Its depth in some places reaches 20 meters. This is a strategic reservoir of Moscow and the Moscow region. Within uneven terrain, with hills, fields and mixed forest. These locations differ amazing nature and relax.

    In the pond are biting the following fish:

    • bleak;
    • roach;
    • perch, etc.

    As a rule, fish are caught by spinning rod or a ground rod. This reservoir can be productive and winter fishing if to fish on spinners and jigs.

    The most successful areas:

  • Within the island Comfortable.
  • Near the village of Ringlets.
  • In the region of the exit from the Gulf. Early in the morning by spinning the caught pike.
  • In the mouth, where it flows into the reservoir R. Nudol. From the boat, using bait or winter mugs, caught bream and perch weighty.
  • Winter fishing

    The most promising area is in the Gulf and on the river for the Pellets, which flows into the right side of the reservoir. Winter caught a small perch and roach. The most active fish in the early spring. The reservoir is famous for the fact that it is natural. On the shores of the artificial lake located holiday home. Therefore, fishing can not only catch fish, but also to relax, although not free.

    How to get to the reservoir:

    • If we move on Pyatnitskoe highway (from MKAD), then reservoir is located in the middle of the Leningrad and Volokolamsk.
    • At the crossroad turn to the highway Ф107.
    • To go to the village of Sokolova.
    • Turn left and after a kilometer you can see the Parking lot.
    • The car should be left in the Parking lot and turning right, you need a little to go.

    Travel to the village Lisewo:

  • You must first drive to the town of Istra.
  • Then you need to keep the streets of Moscow, Soviet and may day.
  • At the t-junction you should turn right to Buzharovo.
  • After the turn we should go for Blue and Nikita.
  • On a groomed track you can drive to the destination. If you go any further, it is possible to get a deadlock where before there was children’s recreation center. Now there entrance is free, and is used by many fishermen.
  • The best ponds

    Chistye Prudy not enjoy such great popularity among anglers. But they sent those anglers, which is important not the result, but the process itself. Despite this, it is possible to catch:

    • carp;
    • minnow, etc.

    Borisovskie Prudy is located practically next door and which is found in fish such as:

    • carp;
    • bass;
    • gudgeon.

    Lake located in Sukhanovo, near Moscow, and the rest will remain in the memory for a lifetime.

    Fishing in the village Novyy Milet

    The village is close to Lyubertsy. Here are a couple of ponds where you can fish. They are divided by a dam and the local fishermen in their spare time, using the usual float fishing rod to catch carp.

    The most efficient is considered early in the morning, need to have several types of attachments, such as:

    • steamed barley;
    • canned corn (or conventional);
    • the dough with the presence of fragrance;
    • worms, etc.

    Where and what is biting

    In the Park elk island for fishing, you can use any tackle such as fishing rod, spinning or feeder. Catch here the following representatives of the underwater Kingdom:

    • sturgeon;
    • soma;
    • trout;
    • carp.

    There are tench, weighing up to 1 kg, and in addition, carp from 0.5 to 1.5 kg, tench caught on worm close to shore (about 4 meters), and carp on corn from a distance of 7 metres or more.

    Fishing from a boat in the New milete

    In the centre of the lake is an island which can be reached by boat. Here you are able to catch the following species:

    • pike;
    • walleye;
    • Lin, etc.

    How to get to the fishing spot in Novyy Milet?

    To get to these places will not be difficult:

    Option # 1.

    • For Nosovihinskoe highways need to get to the railway station.
    • Outside the station turn right and go towards the Egorievsk highway.
    • Then, to Punch.
    • And finally to Miletus.
    • To reach Rusakaniko-Popoudina.
    • The trail passes by the dam, a transmission line may serve as a guideline.

    Option # 2

    The first step is to find the map of Kraskovo, Lyubertsy and torbeyevo. You can then go on the road. You can also take a train which departs from Kursky railway station.

    • To get to the stop of the Train.
    • To take a minibus, which moves in Poltevo.
    • You need to get out at the bus stop New Milet.
    • After be walking quite a bit. To fish with dam, and with dam.

    Maps of reservoirs of Moscow region

    According to some claims, modern fishing is not as interesting as it was before. This is due to the fact that the fish became less, and the environmental situation wants to be the best. But it is not so in our time there are enough interesting places. For example:

    • In the area of the Warsaw highway there are two lakes where you can catch pike, perch, carp, etc. At the same time, you can use spinning or conventional rod with a float.

    To get to an interesting place along the following route:

    • Towards the town of Chekhov, through the Warsaw highway.
    • When crossing the bridge turn right in the direction of the village Filippovskoye, where you can find 4 lakes.
    • Near the village of Belyaevo, there is another lake, where plenty of perch and pike.
    • To get to this place, if you go on the Warsaw highway towards the city of Dubna, a little after the village.
    • Demetrius: Sister river, biting fish such as perch, catfish, pike, especially on first ice.
    • The River Dubna. Is characterized by fast flow, where you can catch bream, IDE, roach, etc.
    • Ivankovo reservoir, where more anglers prefer winter fishing. Caught pike, perch, pikeperch, bream, etc.
    • Zolotaya veshka. Caught carp, weighing up to 3 kg. very beautiful place where you can enjoy not only fishing, but also to relax.

    Maps of water bodies
    Ivankovskoe reservoir

    Is the largest man-made reservoir in the Moscow region. It was formed by artificial means on the Volga in the 40-ies. The Moscow canal is fed from this reservoir. Because of its huge volume it is called the Moscow sea. In this reservoir caught about 30 fish species.

    The Istra reservoir

    Located on the river Istra, at a distance of 70 kilometers from the confluence of the Moscow river. Founded in 1935 and is located in the North-East. The fishermen received considerable attention. Its width is 2 km, while its length is 20 km. There are a lot of species of fish, including large.

    Mozhayskoe reservoir

    Formed on the Moscow river in the late 60-ies. This reservoir is not overlooked by most anglers who fish here for bream, perch, pike, burbot, eel, etc.

    Therefore, fishing in the suburbs is quite possible even today and even for free. And for those who want to have more, there are pay ponds, where it is possible to catch almost any fish and any size.

    Importantly, use proper gear and catch in a fixed time and in certain places. The only way you can leave the fish in the waters for our children and grandchildren.

    What kinds of fish live in the suburbs?

    In reservoirs of the Moscow region quite a lot of pike that can be caught in the following waters:

    • In Round lake or in a pond that is located in the village of rogovo.
    • In the Moscow river, which flows through the entire area. Throughout marked variability in many species of fish. Despite this, the river can be found in almost all species of fish inhabiting the suburbs.
    • From the Mozhaisk reservoir to spawn is sent bream, IDE and other fish.
    • Below this reservoir is very clean section where you can find Chub, bream, gudgeon, etc.
    • No less interesting sites are located in Faustovo and Sof.

    Fishing for carp in the suburbs: the best bodies of water

    In addition to pike, in the suburbs can catch some hefty carp:

    • Near the station of Odintsovo. Here are the old career, in which you can find many carp.
    • Within the village Altufyevo, where there is a large pond that inhabits large carp. Get to these places from Savyolovsky railway station at North road.
    • In the area of Ostankino, near the Palace Museum. It is best to go fishing early in the morning. Bite carp on maggots and bread.
    • In Izmailovo district. Literally next to the station is a pond, where carp are caught on bloodworms.
    • Not far from the city Lyubertsy is a pond with lots of carp, though not great.

    Rules free fishing

    Despite the fact that fishing is free, it is still necessary to adhere to certain rules of fishing:

    • It is impossible to catch with nets.
    • You can’t use barbarian fishing gear.
    • It is impossible to apply all sorts of traps.
    • One fisherman can set up to five Gerlich or circles.
    • Fishing is carried out not more than 10 five hooks.

    In the suburbs may also use such tackle:

    • spinning rods;
    • rods;
    • jig.

    Bans on free fishing: car

    If you use the car, it will have to leave for the line protection zone, which is in the range from 50 to 200 meters. If you ignore this requirement, a penalty is possible.

    Bans free fishing: disease and spawning

    Fish can not catch the 10th of April and 10th of June. There may be some fluctuations, depending on weather conditions. Fishing is one rod with two hooks. Moreover, it is allowed to catch only in places outside the area of spawning.

    Fishing may be banned in the case of identifying certain diseases. If carp or carp are ill with rubella or fish affected posthodiplostomum, as evidenced by the black dots. In addition, fish can be a carrier of diseases such as fish or swine flu. Usually, this refers to the roach, carp, roach, silver carp.

    Despite this, fisheries monitor the health of fish. If discovered the source of the illness, then set the announcement to ban fishing in this pond. In addition, notify through mass media or through fishing forums.

    What kind of fish you can catch in the suburbs and how much?

    Most in the suburbs:

    • walleye;
    • pike;
    • carp, etc.

    Entrepreneurs are seriously engaged in the cultivation of carp and carp, and even sturgeon, and then zaryblyayut many ponds. No restrictions on fishing in the suburbs do not exist, except for spawning and disease.

    In spite of this, prohibited the catch of sturgeon of all sizes, as it is listed in the Red Book.

    There are ordinances to increase water resources, so you can catch only the fish that has the corresponding dimensions. If caught sturgeon or fish has not grown to a certain size, then it is better to let go.

    Other, not less interesting objects for fishing

  • Poleznoe the lake, where the usual bream, perch, pike and large carp.
  • The lake is Long and Round.
  • Quite popular peatlands located in the village Probarskie where you can catch pike or carp.
  • Senezh lake, where the abundance is found in the ruff, a crucian, a pike perch, a pike.
  • Holy lake can please intense cool variety of fish.
  • Fee fishing in the suburbs

    Fee fishing is interesting because it is an opportunity not only to fish but to relax, and the whole family. In addition, there are all chances to catch fish of trophy size, and are guaranteed. In the paid reservoirs bred quite interesting, fishing, fish such as:

    • carp;
    • sturgeon;
    • sturgeon;
    • pike;
    • som;
    • SIG, etc.

    Many fishermen go, for example, for salmon hundreds of miles and spend large sums of money. Enough will go to pay pond and here you can catch the same trout, whitefish, etc., not counting the hefty carp and carp.

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