How to catch bait fish without a rod: summer, winter, how to keep live bait

How to catch live bait

The outcome of fishing depends on many factors, which directly or indirectly affect the fishing process. First, you should decide what kind, peaceful or prey you intend to hunt. In this regard, is the choice of character gear. At the same time, we must not forget that poaching gear should be discarded immediately as not promising. Moreover, their application may follow the administrative penalty of a fine. Predatory fish differs from that of a peaceful fish that feeds almost exclusively on animal food. To offer her peas, corn, cereals, etc., are absolutely meaningless. The basis of the diet of predatory fish is all kinds of fish, you should focus on this fact. The most effective is fishing on the predator, if he is proposed as the nozzle on the hook with live fish or, as it is popularly called, baitfish. But first it must catch.

The contents

  • 1 What is live bait better
    • 1.1 the size of the baitfish
    • 1.2 perch Fishing
    • 1.3 Fishing for pike on live bait
    • 1.4 Fishing for walleye and bersha
    • 1.5 Fishing for catfish on live bait
    • 1.6 Fishing burbot
    • 1.7 Catching fish
  • 2 Ways of catching live bait in the summer
    • 2.1 using banks
    • 2.2 using plastic bottles
    • 2.3 using spider
    • 2.4 Administer or muzzle
    • 2.5 Tulle, gauze, cloth
    • 2.6 With the rod
  • 3 Historical information
  • 4 Ways to catch live bait in winter
    • 4.1 using banks
    • 4.2 using scarves
    • 4.3 Screen (TV)
    • 4.4 using firecrackers
    • 4.5 Fishing live bait with a fishing rod
  • 5 How to keep live bait
    • 5.1 How to keep live bait in the summer
    • 5.2 How to keep live bait in winter
  • 6 In conclusion,

Which bait is better

According to some fishermen, the predator willingly takes the bait, which is caught in the same pond. Well, if you can not use bait fish from the reservoir? Then what? It turns out that doesn’t make sense to go fishing at all. And this is when another part of the fishermen boldly uses live bait, caught in a different pond, and very effective. Actually, the predator attracted by the appearance of the fish, its behavior in water and its flavor.

As live bait is permissible to use not a big fish of any species is not prohibited to catch. Mainly used: roach, bleak, Dace, bitterling and small carp.

Carp is considered the most hardy fish, so it all stays longer on the hook active, attracting the predator. In addition, it is the most common fish our waters. It can be found where many species of fish cannot survive. Therefore, many anglers prefer to see on the hook as bait a carp.

The size of the baitfish

Is selected the live bait depending on the size of individuals, which are supposed to catch. The bigger the fish, the more may be the bait.

Perch fishing

If caught big perch, as bait will go Malek, who prefers to be in the shallows, near the shoreline. Larger bass prefer larger live bait. Typically, large perch caught on live bait, with height up to 10 inches.

Catching pike on live bait

Pike-deltoides are best caught on small fish size from 8 to 12 inches. At the same time, she can take and the larger the bait, but swallow it can not, therefore, such catches are considered to be idle and accompanied by gatherings. If you plan to catch trophy pike, an appropriate size needs to be the bait. Pike can attack an object that barely fits in her mouth, and the mouth of a pike is not small. The nature of the pike bite also affects the period when she is changing teeth. Many argue that during this period, the pike stops to eat at all. Actually it’s not and pike only goes to the catering facilities, which are distinguished by the smaller size.

Fishing for walleye and bersha

Many believe that walleye prefer large baits, no larger than 15 centimeters. Some say walleye caught on live bait, up to 25 centimeters. As a rule, these were large specimens, the fish which was accompanied by the release of masses of adrenaline.

Fishing for catfish on live bait

As you know, this is a fairly large representative of the freshwater reservoirs. In this regard, sometimes as bait baited with fish weighing up to 1 kilogram. Since catfish is a nocturnal hunter, and catching it will have night. Despite this, som sometimes comes out from hiding even during the day, but this is the exception, not the rule.

Fishing burbot

Burbot is a predator who will not refuse from any live bait. It is a nocturnal predator that does not touches the food and will attack any live bait that will be on his way. The burbot fishing has its own characteristics. The fact that burbot is considered cold-water fish and catch it better in the winter.

Catching fish

ASP is a predator that feeds on fish, and fishing need to pick up bait fish, ranging in length from 3 to 8 inches. The most suitable bait for catching ASP is considered to be bleak.

In this regard, we can conclude that the more fish the mouth, the greater the size of the bait used for catching predatory fish.

Methods of catching live bait in the summer
With the help of banks

The easiest but effective way of catching live bait in the summer is to use a conventional 3-liter cans with the lid. To do this:

  • The plastic lid is cut out a hole the size of 2×2 cm.
  • In a jar put the pieces of bread.
  • The Bank tightly.
  • Is filled with water.
  • To the neck of the banks tied a rope.
  • The Bank is thrown into the water.
  • After that, the seat should leave, so as not to alert the fish.

After about an hour you can come and ask. If the Bank is not to throw away, can the Bank determine whether the Bank Malek, as the Bank transparent. Deeply so it is not necessary to throw, because the fish prefers to stay close to the shore, and at no great depth.

Using plastic bottles

Of plastic, at least 5 liter bottles, it can be quite effective trap. Besides plastic bottle has the best performance compared to 3-liter jar: first, it does not break, and secondly, it is much easier. You need to have:

  • A bottle, of a capacity less than 5 litres.
  • Knife.
  • A suitable rope.
  • Cargo.

Manufacturing technology

  • Cut off the top part of the bottle with the neck at the level where there is a narrowing of the bottle.
  • The severed portion is inverted and inserted into the bottle neck into.
  • Around the perimeter of the bottle need to make some holes, for example, by soldering. Need to make some holes and cut off parts. In short, the whole bottle should be in the holes and the more of them the better.
  • With the help of wire should be securely connected is inserted into the bottle cut piece and attach the bottle to the rope with the cargo as a plastic bottle without a load will not sink.

In conclusion, it remains only to throw the trap into the water and wait for some time.

Water that seeps into the plastic bottle, slowly begins to wash the bait out of the bottle. As a result, the scent begins to attract small fish, which gets into the bottle through the neck, which is directed inside. Design is obtained such that the fish that gets inside, out out. Therefore, such a structure can be left for a long time.

With the help of spider

Spider is special tackle for catching fish that consists of a square grid, which stretched into a square metal or wooden frame with SAG. This tackle, with the help of strong ropes, is attached to a long pole, with which the spider descends into the water. As a rule, in the center of the grid is attached to the bait, which collects fish in this place. The only problem is that for catching bait fish will need a grid with small cells.

Administer or muzzle

At the present time is considered a prohibited tackle and it is similar to a plastic bottle with a cut neck and fastened this neck inside. The only difference is that, as you or face, as it is called, is large in comparison with a plastic bottle. It is made from willow or branches or woven from strong threads. There are design of metal wire. In this gear there is a special hatch to get out of it the fish. Usual practice was established a long time, but regularly checked for the presence of fish.

It was installed near the shore so that it wasn’t difficult to check it. If you do not the big Willy, its the same with a rope you can throw in the water, and then, after some time out and check for the presence of baitfish. Again, you need to make the tackle so as to execute penetrated the fish of a certain size. Be sure to include not a great hatch, so it was no problem to get the fish.

Tulle, gauze, cloth

If the bait is urgently needed, and nothing to catch it, you can use a piece of fabric, such as gauze or tulle, which are easy to pass water. Will need a cut length of 1 meter and width 0.5 meters. The short ends need to be tied on one stick. In addition, you will need more and a couple of fishermen who have to take the gear sticks on opposite sides. In this case, the lower part improvised part is lowered into the water, as low as possible and the upper part should be at the level of the water. Need to move in the direction of the beach. Approaching the shore, the lower part rises sharply above the water level. After the water has drained, the fish choose the right size. If you try, you can handle one person, but it will be very difficult.

How to catch

Entering the water should be diluted with a stick in hand and make zabrid. The remaining steps are performed as in the first case.

With the help of fishing

Live bait, especially if there are no assistants, it is better to catch a fishing rod. This may take a long pole, as small fish prefers to stay away from the shore, at no great depth. The bait is tied fishing line to which is attached the hook is not large and light, sensitive float. To attach the sinker is not required. Slowly sinking lure quickly begins to attract a “trifle”. The thickness of the line is 0.1-0.12 mm, which is enough to catch fish of this size.

Historical information

Few know that the rivers of living fish such as bullhead. It is a way of life that it is difficult to catch, especially on fly rod. At the slightest danger it is almost completely bury in the sand, leaving only the outside part of the head with the eyes to see everything that is happening around. The bullhead can be a great bait because it can be long on the hook, staying active. Previously, it was caught in an unusual way. To do this, go into the water up to his waist and began to move. At the same time, when you tap the bottom, it was possible to determine that under the feet something is moving. The following action was to ensure that after a squat was cachebyvars palms and sand fast was imposed on the Bank, usually in the sand found the bullhead. This fish is an object of desire for food for many predatory fish.

Methods of catching live bait in the winter

Fishing live bait in the winter is not an easy task, but sometimes very necessary.

With the help of banks

With the help of banks, as well as in summer, in winter you can also catch some live bait. Importantly, the size of the hole allowed it to squeeze 3-liter jar. And yet, the more suitable the second option is a plastic bottle with lots of holes. It is much easier to put in water, and pull out of the water, as the water is quickly poured from the container through the plurality of holes.

With the help of scarves

The scarf is special tackle for catching fish in the winter. It is called a scarf because it has a triangular shape. Does not apply to sports, but to catch the “little things” it is possible if to use a grid with small cells. For successful and easy application is necessary to punch such a hole that the scarf is easily plunged into the water. The technique of the gusset plate is the same as the screen. Practically it is one and the same tackle, which differs solely by its form.

Screen (TV)

The screen is a grid associated with a rectangle. The same is not true for sports gear. The principle of fishing is the same as the scarves, but in order to draw a grid use a wooden block. The design also includes a cord with which the screen is lowered into the water and pulled out of the water. Naturally, fishing with live bait in winter is accompanied by a number of difficulties that have to adapt.

Using firecrackers

This is quite an effective tackle to catch fish at any time of the year, both summer and winter.


This design consists of two arcs connected movably. If both of the arc to reveal, we get a circle with a diameter of 1 to 1.5 meters. The frame is made from wire with a diameter of 8-10 mm. Inside the circle is chicken wire attached to the perimeter of the circle. At the top of the arc is attached to the rope. Such ropes must be two, because there are two arcs. The length of the ropes should be such that the tackle could go on the bottom of the reservoir.

Techniques for catching bait fish on crackers

Before beginning the process, the swatter should be disclosed to put it in the bait. You can not just believe, but to fix it. After that, the clapper closes and goes into the water. But before that you need to punch a hole a certain size. When the cracker will fall to the bottom and weaken the rope, it will be revealed. Before you pull her out of the water, should sharply pulling both ropes to the clapper closed. After that caught the fish is not going anywhere.

Catching bait fish with a fishing rod

With winter fishing rods to catch live bait for catching predatory fish. In this case go even smaller perch. For this, you need to take the bait with thin fishing line (0.08 to 0.1 mm) and small jig, weighing up to 4 g. Suitable jig-type “devil”. Preferably, the rod was set sensitive enough nod.

How to keep live bait

Little live bait to catch, it still needs to maintain that it is not so simple. This is especially true of winter fishing. In the summer, live bait can be caught and immediately put on the hook, in winter this option is considered hopeless. And so!

How to keep live bait in the summer

The problem of keeping live bait is to provide it conditions which are close to natural. The main objective is providing fish with oxygen. As a rule, cold water is more oxygen than in warm. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly change the warm water into fresh, taken from the pond. If the bait fish is caught directly in the pond, just put it in a tank and send into the water. You need to choose the right place. You can’t leave the bait in areas where the sun’s rays. Most species of fish that simply can not tolerate.

In other applications that require long-term storage of live bait, it is necessary to provide a special container with an aerator to provide the required level of oxygen in the water.

In the case of moving a long distance, you need to ensure that water was always cold. You can use artificial ice or freeze a bottle of water and put it in a container of live bait.

It should also be remembered that fish do not tolerate extremes of temperature. So no need to add water that is too cold. You need to monitor the temperature in the vessel containing the bait, and try to add water of the same temperature.

How to keep live bait in winter

In winter it is necessary to ensure that the water in the tank where the bait fish, not frozen. And so special problems are not present, except when required to provide long-term storage of live bait. Then the task is to saturate the water with oxygen.

In conclusion

As a rule, most anglers engaged in fishing bait. They buy it either in the market or in fishing shops. People who are purposefully engaged, know how to keep live bait and under what conditions. Nowadays, it is also an opportunity to earn a piece of bread. They know not only how to store live bait, but also know where it is better to catch and what tackle.

Fishing is quite an interesting pastime of many men. Fishing not only to catch fish, but also to relax and socialize with other anglers. Usually, every weekend, many men go on the ice, hoping to catch a perch, roach, bream and predatory fish on live bait.

In conclusion, I want all anglers to remind you that fishing on live bait is considered to be an unacceptable kind of fishing in many countries of Europe, so it is prohibited. And maybe it’s right, especially in our conditions, when fish stocks are melting like the snow. Moreover, that caught large individuals are caught and even a “trifle”, which is still to grow and grow.

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