The bream fishing on the bottom gear

The bream fishing on the bottom fishing, mostly promising in the rivers of medium and large size, although suitable and water with standing water, but only under conditions of strong wind or the wind flow, fishing will have an advantage over conventional float fishing.

However, when fishing on the course, usually a choice of two options fishing with complementary feeding. The first is stationary catching this fish on the ground and the second is a bream fishing on the chassis ground, that only in the latter case, instead of garlands of pellets, used feeder.

This is to ensure that during the demolition over equally distribute the bait across a wide area, safely moving from one place (point) falling into the water up to the edge of the fairway. Because when stationary catching this fish drawn a pleasant fragrant plume emanating from the bait and in a hurry, as quickly as possible to gather in one point.

In this type of fishing the fisherman has a right to expect to bite the big fish that often go the head of the pack, and therefore, as a rule, the first fall for the bait. But in the second embodiment, will be more good and frequent strikes, with the only difference that the size of the trophies will be much more modest.

So, for stationary fishing suit heavy feeders (weight from 60 to 100 GRS), plus nods of the tip, which is designed for the casting of the load (weight starts from 2 and stops at around 4 ounces). All tackle as a whole needs to be more sensitive and softer, as this will allow you to register, even the mild touch of bream to your bait, and this, despite the fact that she will move across the fairway. However, if you like catching the length of the leash may not exceed 30 – 50 cm.

But bait for catching of this fish consists mainly of purple worms, but the larvae… maggots or butterflies, although at times, bream wishes to pamper yourself steamed out grains of barley, lupins, peas and wheat. In addition, the composition of bait you want to add something that you are going to catch. So when fishing for bream… of attractants has good reputation hemp, bitter almond and vanilla.

In General, the bream fishing on the Donk no less popular than any other fishing for other types of gear. Because the tackle can be fished during the entire season, the so-called open water, especially that using this gear typically get a large bream!

This happens for the simple reason that large individuals are extremely cautious, and rarely approach the shore, because it is necessary to throw the head over longer distances. What to catch the fish on the ground is much easier and more practical in poor weather conditions, namely, when a large wave or strong wind. Also we must not forget that fishing on the Donk with a trough has its own peculiarities when fishing on reservoirs with stagnant water, and, for example, when fishing on the course.

Fishing on the Donk on the large current

Fishing for bream on the Donk on the large current, make spring from wire (more suited to stainless steel). Its diameter is 1 millimeter, plus the weight of lead rectangular or square shape, in addition to sinker, first and foremost, there must be a hole for the tube, and, of course, two fasteners for retaining the mustache, which will prevent demolition of the trough over.

Further, the nylon threads fasten the spring on the tube, then behind her he fastened the cargo, and if you can’t pick the size for the holes, the weight very tightly will enter the tube and will not fly with her. After, for the preparation of whiskers, need two pieces of wire (the length of each by 6 cm), fold them, repeating the shape of the letter “P”. Paste them into the sinker so that they protruded in the opposite direction, and that the feeder is in any case not slipping, tie the clasp to the end of the line for attaching the hook (good work and sleeve).

In addition, another option feeders for bream, can be a mesh feeder. This feeder is made of thin nylon mesh with tiny cells, are also on both sides you can insert threads for nuts. It is important to remember that the bream fishing on the Donk on the course usually takes place when using nozzles that perfect hold on the hook. For example: maggots, dung worm, meat or river of shells. Unlike vegetable nozzles, they quickly blurred over and leave behind only empty hooks on which fish are unlikely to pay attention.

These variants of the feeders, apart from the bream are excellent for fishing for carp or carp.

The bream fishing on the Donk in stagnant water

One of the peculiarities of the bream fishing on the Donk in stagnant water, is the ability to put on such a donkey and a few hooks, because due to the absence of course they will not be mixed together. Hooks can be well attached to the coils of the springs and remove the weight, trim and solder the excess ends of the tube.

The spring to be filled with a dense bait, the right weight for casting into the far distance. Thus, the main line, will have a thickness of about 0.3 – 0.4 mm, but the leads for hooks don’t forget to make fishing line, whose diameter is 0.25 mm. In this case, it is best to make a bird feeder removable. Then, if desired, to change the point of fishing, you can very quickly change.

Not be amiss to know, that not every beach is convenient for long casting tackle, because it can sometimes interfere with the branches growing over the water. Therefore, the rod need to take a length more than two meters, as it is in the end not only very difficult to cast, but will also help him to do, even in not very convenient places. Usually fishing for bream on a Donk, you need a fairly rigid rod that allows you to easily throw heavy feeders. Not superfluous to equip the fishing rod good quality and throughput rings. They will prevent chafing of your fishing line.

In addition to the rod, particular attention should be paid to the coil. After all, it must have a reliable friction brake, plus a mild stroke.

To determine the bite, use two (types) of alarm devices. In the first case, it’s a nod that is put on the tip of the rod, because it is due to his sensitivity to my bites. But it has one slight drawback: for continuous surveillance of them, you will have very tired eyes.

The second option is pjatnadtsatisantimetrovaja tube with a bell. It is usually put on between the line capacity rings. Here, the main drawback is low sensitivity to bites. Basically, you’ll notice the beginning of the bite slight shake of the rod tip, and then finally deign to trigger the alarm.

In the case when the night is supposed to bream fishing on a Donk, you have to attach to the annunciator glow sticks. In addition, you must also not forget to take into account that using the correct bait, you are sure to get a good fishing.

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