Where and how to catch a Shovelnose sturgeon

Other names this fish — Shovelnose, Spaceface, Switchtail, Hackleback, sand sturgeon, sturgeon with lemon! This is the most common sturgeon in the United States and probably the safest and most abundant species of sturgeon in the world.

The shovelnose sturgeon is an elongated fish with an extremely flat head. Its color is sandy — brown above with a white belly. The whole body is armored with heavy plates, which can be extremely sharp. The snout is noticeably flattened or spatulate. This kind of fish can weigh up to four pounds, although most often there are individuals in the 1.5-2 kilograms.

Shovelnose sturgeon — a fish lives in big rivers with strong current. In the Mississippi river it is often found in its tributaries and below dams, which accelerate or redirect the flow of water. This fish usually lives on the sandy bottom, and rarely comes across in the shallows with clean and clear water.

The tactics of fishing for Shovelnose sturgeon is quite simple — she prefers natural bait (live caterpillars, larvae and other small insects). On the shipment usually use heavy weight, for example, the pyramid sinker to the load as much as possible stuck in the sand and gave him to carry off the strong current of the river.

By itself, the fish quite lively, and in this connection it is quite rough and a heavy load it will not hurt to feel hooking this fish. During the fight with the fish, the Shovelnose sturgeon can easily jump out of the water thereby causing great interest among anglers both for Amateurs and professionals.

The meat of this fish is highly valued among restaurants as it is very tasty and tender.

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