Fishing for roach in June

Summer is a favorite time for fans of float fishing. However, if some representatives of the water world are actively biting, lashing out at any readily available prey, and the rest are extremely careful way of life, occasionally showing itself. Roach is no exception. With the advent of the June heat, it becomes careful and attentive, while the place of its sites are constantly changing.

Search roach in June

Experienced anglers say that in the early summer of roaches better to look for in oxbow lakes. However, smaller members of the species almost never linger in one place too long, and congregate in large flocks and change the waters every 40-60 minutes. For large animals, they prefer to stay in splendid isolation. And if small roach looking for a well-warmed areas near the coast, the majority selects the distant deep holes or dense snags. In any case, large and small instances avoid intense currents, although from time to time you can meet them at the point of confluence of streams in the Bayou.

Roach special very fond of sandy bottom and small water circulation. However, its habits in choosing Parking areas are so unpredictable that even experienced professionals are not always able to predict.

Training gear

Fishing on the Bayou is better to implement using the classic fishing with float. The type of rods can be selected depending on conditions of catching. In any case, for the June fishing suits and flight feathers, and male, and the Bologna option. In the first two cases needs more careful approach to the preparation of snap. The diameter of the main scaffold should be no more than 0,16 mm, and the thickness fluorocarbonates leash – up to 0.12 mm.

Regarding the form of float, then there are no special requirements. Importantly, he was sensitive and responded to the most cautious bite of the fish. An optimal capacity – 1.5 grams.

As the hook uses a small model made of high quality hardened wire with a sharp sting.

Lures and bait

It is no secret that with the advent of summer season, roach begins to eat not only animals, bait, and all sorts of plant food. We are talking about water plants, beans, and grains. Live on oxbow fish with greed pounced on a steamed barley and wheat reacts well on “Hercules” and the dough, and also with a big appetite eats boiled Lupin. But due to high competition instead of roach on the hook is often another white fish.

An indispensable attribute of a successful June fishing is the right bait. In this case, not to confuse biting roach with other representatives of ichthyofauna, you need to know about the main features of the bite. After careful sacarme the selected water area, you can start throwing equipment. The first bite of the roach must be very strong and confident, followed by a slight pause and a lull.

Otherwise, fishing for roach in June – a real pleasure. And if you show diligence and patience, the bite will be very good and catch a trophy.

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