How to store a boat, PVC in summer and winter

Want your PVC boat lasts 1 season and went in the trash? If Yes, then close this page if not find 5 minutes of time.

In this article, I will raise the topic of storing PVC boats in the warm season and winter. This question although simple, but very important and always relevant to boat owners.

Storing boats of PVC in warm time of the year

After each use boat PVC open water be sure to rinse the boat both outside and inside, carefully removing remnants of debris, sand, fish scales.

Of course, you can do it right on the pond where you used the boat. However, you must remember that in the composition of river or lake water will meet the microscopic particles of minerals that can sharp edges to damage the material of the boat. Therefore, it is better to do the following:

  • On the pond where you used the boat, clean the boat from severe contamination. It does not try to use tools from the hard and sharp edges (scrapers).
  • Bringing the boat home, do not wait until it is completely dry. After drying, the remains of river debris (leaves, algae, fish scales) the more you stick to the boat, and you will have to exert much extra effort to clean them.
  • At home, put the boat on a flat, clean surface with no notches and hooks. Rinse the boat inside and outside and the warm (not hot!) water several times, carefully turning all the seams and removing them from reclaimed garbage.

To facilitate cleaning and softening water use regular mild soap solution. Finally, rinse the boat with clean water, leaving soap spots.

To clean the boat, use a soft cloth. Not recommended when washing boats from PVC to supply water under high pressure, as this debris can once more hide in seams, creating rot and destroying the further material of the boat.

With the arrival of cold weather some of the fishermen off their gear until spring. If you are among those fishermen, we offer you not to sit idly by and preparing for the next season, for example, make a sack with his hands. But if you are an avid winter fisherman, and do not have UN-hooked it is necessary to do or buy, how to do it you can read in the article “Off your hands”.

After the boat is washed, it must be wiped with a dry clean soft cloth and allow to dry naturally in the lowered condition in a warm, ventilated area, protected from direct sunlight. Proceed in the same way and the rest of the boat equipment (seats, oars, pump with hose, etc.).

Cleansed this way, PVC boat can be stored until the next operation in the next 1-2 months. For storing a boat out of PVC in warm months roll carefully cleansed and dried the boat, avoiding sharp bends of the fabric and stitching.

Some manufacturers of boats PVC are recommended initially to turn the boat in a specific pattern.

Folded boat place it into the case (it can be included with the boat or be purchased separately). Packed the boat keep indoor, avoiding high humidity and sunlight.

To protect boats during its storage from small rodents (rats, mice) can be treated the perimeter of the store with special preparations. Not recommended for direct contact of the material of the boat with these substances because the chemical reaction on the components included in their composition, may prove to be irreversible and very sad for the owner of the boat.

Remember that you can not store a boat out of PVC in a fully inflated condition. This can lead to deformation and damage of the material.

How to store a boat, PVC in winter

Preparing the boat from the PVC to the seasonal storage in winter, does not differ from summer storage. However you have to remember that the boat will not be used for long periods of time (up to six months), and therefore, special care is needed to prepare the boat for storage.

To do this, the boat should be completely dried, to avoid the presence of moisture inside the cylinders through the valves, as this will lead to the destruction of the material body boats.

  • Stored in the winter boat out of PVC as you can in the folded state, and inflated.
  • The optimum temperature for winter storage of boats made of PVC +5 to +15C. And for those who asked is it possible to keep the boat PVC in the cold, say – is not desirable.
  • The best place to store the boat at home is warm and dry pantry.

When preparing the boat for storage in folded form, you can pour it with talcum powder from all sides. This will help to get rid of moisture and supramania material.

In winter, turn the boat very carefully, avoiding folds and creases of the matter. When storing your boat indoors is recommended every 2 months to carry out preventive work in the form of periodic aeration and pumping the boat.

In the winter you can also leave a clean and dry boat in flying at half-mast state. It should hang above the level of human growth, with no contact with walls or objects to prevent the formation of wet condensation on the housing. For example, often store boats PVC in the garage from the ceiling.

When you select any of the options for winter storage don’t forget about the threat of damage to the boat by rodents, which, unlike the host could have much more frequent visits to the place of storage of boats from PVC.

Basic principles for the protection of the boat from rodents are the same as when stored in summer.

After a period of storage of the boat do not attempt to inflate the boat. Gently spread it on a flat surface and wait a couple hours before they straightened the folds, and the boat attains the temperature of the surrounding air.

Now to the most interesting. You have read what I know, and now I’d like to know your opinion on how to properly store a boat PVC. Maybe someone will be able to complement already written or wants to ask a question?

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