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Navigation span for small vessels is in full swing. However, to take a boat ride, it is not enough to buy it, in this regard, the state inspector for small vessels of the center GIMS EMERCOM of Russia in Ulyanovsk region Nikolay Kazantsev told stroyincom about the rules of sailing in small boats.

In recent years the number of purchased vessels has increased significantly. Ignorance of the basics of sailing on water bodies and ignoring the skippers of the safety rules often leads to emergency situations, – said the source “SI”. Annually in the bodies GIMS of Russia recorded hundreds of emergency incidents from small boats. Often these incidents are connected with the death and injury of people. Most accidents with small vessels occurs during fishing and hunting. There are cases in the group of death in motor and rowing boats from-for excess of norms of passengers on the ship and when sailing in stormy weather.

The safety of small vessels is regulated by Order No. 129 of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation dated 14.10. 2002 “Rules of navigation on internal waterways of the Russian Federation” by the Order of EMERCOM of the Russian Federation № 502 “Rules for the use of small size vessels on water objects of the Russian Federation” and the Decree of the government of Ulyanovsk region dated 15 September 2008 # 391 “Rules of usage of water objects for swimming on small size vessels in the Ulyanovsk region”. These rules reglementary the movement of vessels on inland waterways of the Russian Federation.

The most frequent violations of the rules of navigation on inland water ways are control of the vessel without the documents required for admission to the management of the small boat, a vessel, not duly registered, the management of the vessel by a person not have the right of control, violation of rules of safety of passengers, in particular the lack of sufficient rescue equipment.

In accordance with the administrative code concerning the skippers who violate these rules of navigation on internal waterways, the following administrative penalties: fines, disqualification from driving the small boat, as well as the detention of a boat until you resolve the reasons for the detention.

Going on a voyage, take a look:

– did you remember to bring your driver’s licence for small size vessel, the ship ticket;

– did you about the rescue tools for each person in the boat (boat), health of the motor and hull.


– do not give control of a motorboat to another person without the relevant documents, in particular children;

– don’t go out sailing in conditions of reduced visibility, if your boat is not equipped with prescribed warning lights.

To sail and to transport people in a state of intoxication is forbidden!

Another important rule: regardless of the time of year for everyone who goes to the pond, to tell someone what area you are going and what route.
According to the materials:

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