The three most popular jig – experts

Experienced anglers emphasize that no fisherman, armed with a jig, will not remain without a catch.

The lure is bait for fishing, which is a short Bob with holes that pass through the hooks. In addition, it can be equipped with small brilliant plates or beads. Weights come in different forms and are made from various materials.


According to experts of fishing, one of the best jigs is the “Witch”, as it can help to catch any large predatory fish.

This lure has a tapered shape, its lower part attached with the frame of the wire a few hooks. The hooks are attached little colored beads that serve to attract the attention of a predator.

“Witch” can be attached to any rod for jigs, as it does not need to frequently swing the rod.

With this jig you can fish for perch, bream, white bream and larger, more cautious fish. Very effective to first raise the bait, vigorously shaking the rod tip, and then slowly lower without moving a few inches. After making a short pause, again a little to raise it.


There is still this kind of lure as a “Devil”. It is made in an elongated conical shape, length 20 – 30 mm. As a rule, it is painted in black color. Three hooks attached thereto or rigidly or freely. But there are “Devils” with two or four hooks attached to a fishing line with a loop on the end of the bait.

In the winter for walleye fishing, experts advise to use amphipod. It consists of a metal body, single or triple hook and tail. It is very important to strike a balance if you install it on the line.

Plunging into the water, it moves in a horizontal circle, creating a rhythmic vertical movements of varying strength. It is possible to equip the additional lure treble hook on the bottom jig.


One of the classic types of the jigs is “Uralochka”. This bait is dyed black and she has a curved conical shape with one dull attached hook. Additionally on the shank of the hook attach the red bead.

The simplest jig is a Stud. Its just to make yourself and, according to experienced fishermen, it is the most efficient. Options such as Gwozdecky and Gvozdenovic to increase the efficiency of the lure. It’s a ball or a cube, through which is passed the shank of the hook. On a bait to catch perch.

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