Balancers have Rapala catalog the best models for pike, perch, Zander

Fishing brands do not require advertisingas they have already won the authority and the quite a few years show good results. These brands are without a shadow of a doubt true Rapala.

Followers of this company have one of the most important qualities that should be possessed by each bait for fishing — ulovistost!

When using lures were Rapala, you can easily seduce the laziest predator. That is why they are balance weights, are the most popular among our fishermen. And every self-respecting fisherman wants to be in the range of at least a couple of the models from this brand.

Edition “On the hook” produced a small sample of beams, consisting of the most attractive baits.

Directory of beams was Rapala

1 Jigging Rap W02, W03, W05, W07, W09, W11 – this model of balancer is a killer bait for perch, pike and Zander.

  • Thus W02, W03 is used for perch fishing at shallow depth. The weight of the balance weight 4, 6 g at a length of 2, 3 see
  • W05, W07 suitable for perch and pike in a small stream in rivers and reservoirs.

The weight of the balancer 9, 18 g at a length of 5, 7 see Some fishermen suggest to replace the tee two sizes larger because the bite of a pike are often idle.

  • W09, W11 the large and heavy balance weights from firms Rapala. Used for fishing on the large current either at great depths. The weight of the balance weight 25, to 30 grams with a length of 9, 11 see

2 Rapala SNR 04, 06, 08 –created for catching perch the perch will not leave the bait. This unique development, which allows you to hover and play the arm with the slightest vibration. And this is all achieved through the fact that the tail of the balancer smoothly into the back, and as it is a common fin.

This model has a weight of 4, 9, 24 gr. so you can use it like in the shallows and at depths over. It has a length of 4, 6, and 8 cm.

Let your eyes look on the performance balancer Snap Rap video clip from the firm “Rapala “

3 Rapala Shad has two sizes WSR WSR 3 and 5, and a large assortment of colors.

Some of them make a balance that is very noticeable at great depths. The weight of the model is of two types 5 and 9 grams. with a length of 3 and 5 cm This model is not suitable for fishing on the course, because it has a low weight, but very effectively showed

A few tips:

  • Many fishermen believe that the balance weights is not the bait, which is to fix his attention, it means that they have not been branded balancers.
  • Standard tees is replaced by a similar one, but with a bead, which increases the efficiency of fishing.
  • Reviews on balancers from the company Rapala was quite pleasing to the ear, and most of them are true. So you need to experience this miracle of balance weights.

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