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Fishing for carp in the summer

The best period for fishing is the summer. Better in summer to catch and carp, and especially the trophy. For successful fishing need not much: to find a Parking lot big fish to lure it and have a good tackle.

Most kabatnikova with great impatience expect the beginning of the summer when the carp begins to feed actively. In summer, carp will approach the bait animal and vegetable origin. But the carp is a cautious fish and not many fishermen on time record catches of carp, which makes it impossible to catch this powerful fish. All is that many fans of float fishing rods do not possess perfect skills of carp and make the same mistakes, which are that the fishermen are not seriously preparing bait and setting up your gear. Many anglers do not bother looking for promising places and throw rods in a convenient place where carp can not be found. In such cases, it is better to heed the advice of professionals, not to waste time fishing for nothing.

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  • 1 Where is carp in the summer
  • 2 Tackle for summer fishing
    • 2.1 Popular donkey
    • 2.2 with a Float rod
  • 3 years of bait and bait
  • 4 fishing Technique
  • 5 Videos on fishing for carp in the summer on the pond
  • 6 Video about catching carp on a rod with a side nod from the Bank

Where is carp in the summer

By heating water to a temperature of +20 ° C, Karp moved to a depth where the temperature is much lower and where he feels comfortable. Therefore, in the summer, you need to be prepared for the fact that carp will have to come up with depth. Here the most important thing is to find the Parking lot of the carp, otherwise the fishing will be futile. First, it is necessary to study the bottom topography in any way possible, including the use of sonar. You want to find a few promising points, their bait and then go fishing.

Almost all fishermen know that fish move in their paths and the main task is to find such paths, then half the battle is done.

For those who like to catch carp from shore, in summer not so many chances to do it, because the carp out of the shallows only at night or early in the morning. If during these periods of bites not followed, it should be dealt with long balls. It is better to purchase a feeder rod, feeder and other accessories.

Tackle for summer fishing

To catch carp in the summer, the fishermen there are many opportunities associated with choosing necessary gear. It can be conventional float fishing or bottom gear, including feeder.

Popular donkey

Fishing can be as traditional bottom gear, which the fishermen use for many years, as well as modern and more advanced.

  • Large master carpatica use modern, more practical feeder tackle. The feeder is more reliable rod that allows you to emerge victorious in the battle with this strong fish, especially trophy. Most carpatica use electronic detectors bites, as it is very important to identify the fish to bite. Big specimen carp are able to “withdraw” gear from a hapless fisherman.
  • The result of applying the usual bottom gear also comes at a price, but the cost of manufacture of such gear much less. The most interesting gear for bottom fishing may include:
    • Spring;
    • Nipple;
    • Maksatic.

    All of the above tackle have set the rod, fishing line, spool, feeder and leash with hooks. They differ only by the design of the feeder that affect the production of the type of bait: for the spring, it will fit more loose, nipples – more doughy. As for Maksatikha that tackle slightly different technique of feeding bait. You can do without the feeder as the bait fish is served in the form of a pressed piece of cake attached to the gear.

    When using such gear, it is hardly possible to see the moment of take. In these gear fish samozaschita due to the weight of the trough.

    Float fishing rods

    There are fishermen who enjoy classic float rod and can spend hours watching a motionless float. Unfortunately, traditional float rod to catch carp, especially trophy, unlikely, as it requires some modernisation.

  • Match fishing rod enjoys wide popularity due to its effectiveness and accessibility. Such a rod can be equipped with a modern, lightweight, and at the same time, a strong rod, sturdy line, a reliable coil sharp and powerful hook. Unfortunately, this is not enough and the efficiency of fishing greatly affects the quality of snap settings.
  • When fishing at distances of 10-15 meters, you can use a more modern tackle, called the plug. It is based on an individual knee with the help of which you can adjust the distance of the throw. Unfortunately, to use the plug is not very convenient. Moreover, it requires a special stand. This is additional funding that has not every fisherman. Such a set has no coils and is linked to it as many fishing lines as need. When fishing for big fish you need to use a rubber isolator to dampen the jerks of the fish that will prevent breakage of the line.
  • Summer lures and bait

    Many experts recommend carp fishing, having a few types of lures, considering the fact that carp are unpredictable. In stock should have the following lures:

    • worms;
    • Motyl;
    • boiled barley;
    • maggots;
    • canned corn.

    Currently, more preference is given to application of baits in the capture of carp, especially in fishing stores, you can find baits for every taste. But this does not mean that without them, the fishing will not take place, especially in those waters where the carp are accustomed to the usual cereals, cake or peas. In such cases, baits can be useless because it will simply be ignored.

    To catch carp in the summer, especially without bait, it’s a big luck or chance. When the water is warm, carp can be store-bought bait and homemade, but it is very important to know how to apply carp to the table.

    Each portion of food that is sent into the water, must have a special ingredient – flavor. After identifying a promising location, make the initial casting of bait, which accounts for more than half of the available. In the future, the bait is tossed in depending on the activity of fish.

    In working the bait you can add the following fragrant ingredients:

    • anise;
    • honey;
    • halva;
    • cocoa;
    • garlic;
    • cinnamon;
    • vanilla;
    • dry seasonings such as dill, parsley, etc.

    But this does not mean that adding to the bait one of the above fragrance, you can count on catching carp. Unfortunately, with the aroma is hard to guess and if someone does, then he is lucky. Carp today can take one flavor, and tomorrow another, and if the fishing is performed on an unknown body of water, this problem is felt very significantly. If baits are used, they can be treated with dips, then there is a special attractants.

    The best option is to set up for carp artificial “table” to which he will come to feed, but it can go a lot of time and one weekend is not enough.

    Fishing technique

    To fishing was successful, you need a few days to throw into the water the bait. Only then we can hope to catch carp.

    Going fishing for the carp, it is very important to know what the impact of this “hunting” can be influenced by different factors. This can happen when the fisherman underestimate the carp and overestimate their. The inability to choose the right place, not a serious vehicle, wrong methods of feeding and improperly prepared bait, can negate all the efforts of the angler, both in complex and separately.

    If Fisher is serious about the preparatory work, he will see the bite of this powerful fish and will feel its power, viviva her to shore. Not the superfluous will tell that, be sure to have a special net and try not to take carp, as this will lead to the loss of fish. Vyvazhivat large carp, you should not pick up the line and try to pull it out that way. This can lead to cuts and other injuries.

    Fishing for carp is the most exciting, leaving in memory for a long time, those moments of joy and pride for catching trophy carp. Although the same words can be said about other types of fishing, other types of fish, although not as strong. In other words, any fishing is good, but only in sports.

    Video about catching carp in the summer on the pond

    Video about catching carp on a rod with a side nod from the Bank

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