Fishing for catfish in June

Every angler should at least once in their life to go fishing for catfish. The fact that the capture of such a predator is a very emotional experience, which is accompanied by a surge of adrenaline and unforgettable experiences.

General information

As you know, catfish is a predatory inhabitant of fresh waters, who leads nocturnal, has poor eyesight, but grows to impressive size, and in fact, attracts the true fans of fishing. Captured members of the species prefer solitary hunting, is constantly “patrolling” the waters in search of easy prey. In most cases, their catch used big bait special tackle consisting of a large hook and strong nylon thread. As a bait used either carp or roach. Also nice attracts the catfish and gudgeon. When mounting the fish on the hook you need to stick to the method of fixing back. This will allow the fry to stay longer alive and active. Instead of the classic rod is taken to be a reliable rod that installs directly on the beach. In the end homemade gear indicator with a bite and left overnight.

Locate fish

As mentioned above, som is a night predator who goes on the hunt with the coming of dusk. This means that fishing will be most productive in the dark, with the success of the upcoming process is closely connected with the choice of place for casting gear. Experienced anglers pre-determine Parking soma, paying attention to all kinds of bottom barriers, snags or fallen trees into the water. Near the steep banks it is possible to see the predators of medium size, which will eat during the day. This prey is successfully caught on a worm, snail or animal liver.

Training gear

Currently, fishermen use many methods of catching catfish in June. When choosing the appropriate variant should be guided by the reliability, because fishing for this huge predator is better not to save. The fact is that sooner or later the hook of your fishing rod will be a real trophy, the weight of which exceeds several tens of kilograms. But to extract enough high-quality fishing tool will be difficult and even impossible.

Given the fact that the som tries to keep the bottom layers of water, for fishing is better to use professional bottom gear. A great solution is carp or sea fishing rod, able to cope with the most aggressive jerks predator.

When choosing a reel, consider high-quality model with instantaneous capacity of the spool for at least 200 metres. The optimum thickness of the line is 0.5 mm. as for the weight sinkers, you choose it given the bait that will be used for fishing. The same principle is involved when choosing the hook.

Fishing for catfish in June – very exciting direction in fishing. And even though catching a trophy specimen is quite difficult, if you have patience and follow the advice of experienced soratnikov, fishing will become truly successful and unforgettable.

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