Fishing for trout on spinning

If you are in Altai region you will want to catch trout. Especially popular for fishing for trout on spinning. I must say that this kind of fish is strong enough and cunning. It is therefore important to know the habits of the fish in the pond, learn to identify Parking areas, pick the appropriate bait.

A large number of inexperienced anglers want to catch trout close to the broken camp. Positive results does not bring such action. The first rule – as far as possible away from his bed, to find a suitable place and exercise caution. Trout prefers to stay in deep holes, in the lower reaches of rivers and rapids where to look for him.

Tackle for fishing

1. You definitely need a reliable and durable spinning, which will be able to perform long-distance casting. In the case of bite, try to perform precise cutting. When you use a weak fishing rod, trout it will break;

2. Spinning install a reliable coil. Best of all the instantaneous model and wind about 150 m of fishing line (braid or flurocarbon), with a diameter of at least 0.4 mm;

3. When the bait will be in the mouth of a trout, it will tend to go with the flow. It is very difficult to stop the fish who quickly begins to reel the fishing line. After a few minutes, the trout will get a bit tired, and you will feel weak jerks. Then start fighting the fish, gradually leading her to the shore.

Choice of bait

The main lure vibrating lures medium and large sizes, depending on the intended size of the fish. The pinwheel is rarely possible to catch something, as this species likes areas of the reservoir with a strong current. A nice option is a tubular spinner.

Another common bait – an artificial mouse. Quite often the trout to hunt the mice that are in the pond. Anglers often use bait that is very effective at night.

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