Installation bombard for beginners fishermen


  • The rod to bombard
  • Float Bombarda (sbirulino)
  • Leash for bombard
  • How to fish the Bombarda

Bombarda or sbirulino – came to us from Europe. It is a kind of float for long casting. Recently, this gear is gaining in popularity among domestic fishermen. And all thanks to the fact that fishing with guns is very effective and brings a lot of fun.

Bombard enabled fishermen to abandon fly fishing tackle. The spinning has become a great tool for casting ultralight baits even in a strong wind. With such properties bombards even the “fly fishing” grazes the back.

This article completely on the topic of installation sbirulino.

The rod to bombard

Normal spinning is not suitable for this fishing, since it is long, bring a lot of inconvenience when casting and reeling. When choosing a rod you need to focus on the length of over 3 m. In this case, in order to save suitable mast or feeder rod, Bolognese rod either.

The question arises why the long rod?

For effective fishing with a Bombarda need to use a leash at least 1.5 m long. Otherwise, the fish may be scared sbirulino.

This rule is slightly offset by depth fishingwhen the bait and spirulina are under water. In such cases, the leash can be twice shorter and the rod itself too. Well, if your finances allow, you can buy a special rod to bombard and not to fool his head.

The choice of coil and twine special requests I can not identify. As long as it was reliable, but the line diameter should not exceed Ø0.2, to reduce resistance in the water.

Float Bombarda (sbirulino)
Until recently fishermen used the float in the form of eggs, but at this time, the bombard has superseded it, because it has the best aerodynamic ability. When using bombard a fisherman a great opportunity responsive control flies.

The types of bombard: floating, slow-sinking and fast-sinking. Choose one of the three species depends on the layer of water in which you intend to catch.

  • Floating Bombarda — used for surface catching sabrefish, Chub and roach.
  • Slowly-sinking – is used to search for fish in the middle water layers.
  • Fast-sinking need to catch fish near the bottom. For example: bass or walleye.

When choosing a weight bombard’t forget to test your rods.

Leash for bombard

Long the leash should be not less than 1.5 m, and 3M. better Only when fishing at depth it can be long and 0.5 m. because the fish are not frightened bombard.

On a leash you can use any line, but is best suited flurocarbon because he is invisible for fish in water. Although, for best performance, use a undergrowth in a snap fly.

Attaches the leash to the main line with swivel. It must be a triple, which would avoid twisting of the leash.

Snap sbirulino
is not a big deal, but there are small nuances. First, bombard your thickening is attached to the bait. Between the guns and the swivel is bead, this in order that when casting Bombarda didn’t break your site. Between the rod and bombard put the retainer that would be at the bite line was not vented through the bombard.

And now I propose to gather all the knowledge together and to watch a short video clip for easier reading the above material.

How to fish the Bombarda

Let’s start with the problem of casting. Since the length of the leash is quite large, just enough to catch something on a fly and catch you can not see. That’s why, choosing the technique of casting of bombards, suggest to combine the technique of fly casting through the mast head and the technique of casting.

Before landing bombard water need to slow down the line, in order that the lever opened. Otherwise, he can be corny to get confused.

Most fishermen when fishing with a Bombarda use the technique of posting “Stop and go” which in turn emits drowning insect. Also read article about how to catch sabrefish with bombard.

I hope this article will help you. If you have any questions write in the comments, I will try to answer each one.

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