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  • The principle of operation FishHungry (say online shopping)
  • Instructions for use FishHungry (help you think)
  • Reviews of fishermen on FishHungry (searched the Internet)

Hi all. It’s time we all get together and discuss what this sensational activator biting, Feshangchi and why it is so heavily advertised on the fishing sites. The most tasty I’ll tell you at the end of the article, and yet, a bit of publicly available information. Don’T THINK of as advertising – it’s clearly not her!


FishHungry is the activator for the fish, having a double effect: it attracts fish to the fishing spot and makes her strong appetite, making hard to feed. The manufacturer claims that the drug effect is stronger for larger fish, allowing not only to increase the catches, but also to significantly increase the size of the trophies.

We put in the ears that FishHungry is not just another attractant, not like it and bite stimulants that were on the market previously. This product has a completely new principle of action and represents the next step in the development of additives that are designed to help the fishermen to increase catches.

My own search for the truth in the fishing shops and experienced fishermen showed that few people even heard of this activator, and in the shops of Kiev (checked 6 points) the sellers are unable to sell it to me. I wonder why?

The principle of operation FishHungry (say online shopping)

The main active substance FishHungry are pheromones – biologically active substances that affect the behavior of fish. In natural conditions they are isolated in certain situations, the underwater inhabitants, and in part FishHungry includes artificially synthesized chemical similar to these pheromones in composition and effects on fish.

These synthetic pheromones were synthesized in 2011 in Italy by a team of scientists led by Dr. Andy Moore. The experts proposed to use received in the laboratory the substance in fish farms to stimulate the appetite of the fish, so she quickly gained weight. However, the opening of scientists has found application in Amateur fishing.

Activator of Hungry nibble Fish can be used as fishing peaceful fish, and hunt for the predator:

  • add Hungry Fish to bait for float fishing or feeder;
  • work with FishHungry bait and nozzles, which are placed on the hook when fishing in a peaceful and predatory fish;
  • to put on any artificial spinning baits.

Instructions for use FishHungry (help you think)

FishHungry comes in plastic packaging, inside of which there are 5 plated packs of 5 ml.

To add FishHungry to bait, you must:

  • dissolve contents of package in a small amount of water;
  • pour the resulting solution into the prepared bait mixture, carefully stirring it the while.
  • You can add FishHungry and straight to the bait, not dissolving it in water, but in this case, the activator biting less evenly distributed in the bait mixture. The contents of one package is enough for 2-2,5 kg of bait.

    In order to handle the bait and the nozzle with FishHungry, and artificial spinning baits, you should:

  • dissolving the drug in a small amount (about 0.5 liters) of water;
  • while catching periodically to dip a hook with a nozzle or spinning bait in the resulting solution.
  • Reviews of fishermen on FishHungry (searched the Internet)

    I am an experienced fisherman, and at first I thought that “doping” like a Hungry Fish I don’t need – I already catch enough fish. But after tasting it, decided that I would continue to use.

    What to say about the use of FishHungry: fish suitable for bait faster, its more bite and she is much more active, long leaves with bait.

    Anton Rudenko

    Went with a friend on a fishing trip. Friend is not a fisherman, but wanted to get to the river with me. I wanted to impress him, wished he liked fishing and he was satisfied. I remembered the is FishHungry and decided to buy it to try.

    Fishing was a success, both otravilis perfectly, but the friend now thinks I’m the fishing guru, thinks that I can provide good bite in the book.

    Dmitry Filatov

    I FishHungry gave a friend who somewhere saw the ad and knowing that I am an avid angler, decided to give it to me for birthday.

    Well what can I say, it turned out that is necessary! Now I’m thinking to buy fish Hungry for the birthday of his friend, the fisherman. Just know that he will be happy!

    Eugene Lebedev

    As you this is true from the fictional characters who clumsily poured into our ears what they need? But we can’t until we buy! And the place where you can really find accurate information and discussion of real fishermen , I could not find. Good, have your own website, and I can initiate a discussion on this topic alone!

    My question remains open. What is it – inept PR company around the outside of the product or the hype, but there really working activator biting?

    From my side, I figured out how to spread the virus of Hungry fish on the fishing sites and share research as it is. The fact that almost all advertising, which you can see on this website is advertising services Google and Yandex. I, as the owner of the site, placing a special code in the right place, and the above-mentioned company decide what ads to show to our readers. In fact, it is not surprising that we, the fishermen, on the fishing website advertising twist fishing products, and now attention – the most delicious.

    All these ads are on the same page or its clones (for different countries), and the one who brings to the page a buyer who will make and pay for an order, receives approximately 500 Russian rubles retracement of the sellers.
    Thus was born the army of the mountain, the advertisers that purchase ads on websites, post it through Google and Yandex in the hope that they will be able to make a difference in the kickbacks.

    Also, there are page-“strip” – this is when advertising leads you straight to the page with the “Buy” button, and a fake blog real fisherman, who struggled praises the product and in the end gives you a link to the page where he bought it (note that I am not giving links, so humiliate me is not worth it).

    Now, when I posted what I know, you can understand why I doubted whether to spend money on activators biting and conduct field tests. However, having no real experience using the product, I can’t say with certainty about the divorce or really work thing. Therefore, I propose to gather into one powerful fist, all our opinions and experiences and discuss in the comments under the article, what is actually true. Or maybe I missed something?


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