Features fishing burbot

Burbot is a predatory fish, it lives mainly in cold water bodies and has an unpredictable temper. The best time for catching burbot is considered to be the period from October through December. To catch a predator is possible in both winter and summer.

The fish actively hunt at dusk and dawn. The chances to catch burbot increase in inclement weather: rain, snow, wind. Fish are an interesting feature. Not only is she not afraid of noise, but willingly goes to him. We can say, on the call of the fisherman. Often comes to light from a fire, especially divorced to attract the predator. Almost no chance to get burbot in the daytime, the fish hiding in holes or under the snags.

Tackle for catching burbot

The most popular gear for catching burbot is considered a Donk. Donkey put on the night, from the quantity of gear will depend on the size of the catch. Check tackle with the onset of morning. The fish rarely breaks down, as deeply swallows the bait.

Fishermen, with good patience, can increase the catch. For this you need to participate in the process of fishing. Basking by the fire to wait for a bite. Catch prey, change the bait and fight again. Prepare the ground rod is not difficult. You can use any improvised material, for example, of planed boards.

Will also fit a broken rod, then install the coil, tie the sinker weight, which shall not be less than 100gr. Fishing usually uses a single hook. As bait when fishing for burbot is possible to use: worms (must be mounted a beam), any small fish. The main requirement, the bait needs to hold tight on the hook.

Ice fishing burbot

Winter fishing on burbot are more exciting activity than extraction with donok. Basic tackle is the imitation fish or bait. Burbot strong fish, so when fishing tackle needs to well fixed. It is likely that the predator will just grab the rod in the hole. Fishing line should be durable, able to withstand the weight of fish up to 3 lbs. Hooks for fishing choose a large size, the shank should be long enough to easily get from fish.

Another popular method of catching prey is a minnow. The spoon should be large and bright, well visible in the water. To attract the predator needs to tap the spoon on the bottom. The bottom must be rocky. After the prey has taken the bait, hooking and angling for a trophy on the surface. A good bite.

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