How to choose a Feeder rod for years of fishing


  • The choice of feeder rods depending on the place of fishing
  • The choice of feeder rods depending on the desired catch
  • The rating of the feeder rods
  • I like the results of the choice of feeder rods

In this article we will talk about that — “How to choose a feeder rod”. Consider what criteria the rod should pay attention when choosing the “sticks”. Will pick up a good top five, in my opinion, feeder rods.

And so it went… a brief, but useful.

The choice of feeder rods will depend on several factors.
The choice of feeder rods depending on the place of fishing

The first factors that come to mind, it’s fishing on the river or at a private pond. The difference will not explain.

Selection criteria feeder rod for rivers:

  • Test spinning an order of magnitude greater than for closed bodies of water (the heavier feeders for jet) “100-200gr”.
  • Less long because the coastal area is more overgrown and with a long rod is not very convenient to make a throw. And casting distance in most cases does not exceed 70m “2-2,5 m”.
  • Often fishing in zakoryazhennyh places. In such cases, the spinning needs to cope with rapid forced playing which can avoid snags.

Selection criteria feeder rod for a closed pond:

  • The test may not be very large, up to 100gr.
  • Long spinning will range 3.5 to 4.2 m. As in the closed basins is often a throw of over 50m. reaching up to 150m. and more. But this cast can make a long “rod”.

The choice of feeder rods depending on the desired catch

If You want to catch small fish: lusterko, roach, minnows, etc., that should not bother any criteria for the selection of spinning reel for feeder fishing, just go to the store and buy one of the cheaper rods.

But still, if You plan to come to this fishing and catching trophy bream or carp, you should think about a more expensive feeder rods. How do You say “Lada” and “BMW” car, but one drive, and the second enjoy.

So that You can get pleasure from feeder fishing, the rod should be:

  • Comfortable in hand,
  • Light,
  • Strong and without defects (the smallest crack will let you know). Ask the seller to test its strength by bending it.
  • Spare tips. The possibility of replacement by using less heavy feeders, or at a fracture tip.
  • The tip should be sensitive to good implementation of the strikes.
  • The rod needs to hit hard and below when playing bream or other big fish, he damped her powerful blows.

The rating of the feeder rods

Do not judge strictly, this is my opinion and my friends the fishermen. Let’s look at what feeder rods are better and make up our rating.

  • Feeder rod Daiwa Laguna has several sizes in its lineup. From 2.10 and above. This spinning rod is designed for fishing on small bodies of water without strong currents. Since the test allows up to 30 grams. feeder. But in the right hands you can indulge in trophy fish. Its cost is ranging from 25 to 35$.
  • Fishing-rod Shimano Vengeance feeder, so to speak — is not quite a budget form, its price ranges from 150 to 200$. But all the same this model demonstrates all the beauty of the company Shimano. This line consists of four rods which will satisfy any fisherman. Long ranges from a 3.35 to 3.96 m., the test of this form 30-110 gr.
  • Cormoran feeder Feeder BF. Firm Cormoran not so long ago came to the market of feeder rods, and little is known at this time. This firm deserves Your attention, blanks made of decent materials and specific complaints among owners arises. The range of this model is a few spinning rods, which differ in the test and it reaches its maximum in 230gr. Long Blanca is 3.6 m which is quite acceptable for medium and long casts. The cost ranges from 40 to 50$.
  • I like the results of the choice of feeder rods

    If You are a novice fisherman and you want to start to fish with the feeder, it is not necessary to buy very expensive spinning rods for feeder fishing, start from the more affordable feeder rods that you can find in the shops “Rybalka”.

    Since the market is currently Packed with a variety of spinnings like brands and fakes, it is very difficult to choose a quality and inexpensive feeder rod.

    Successful fishing, not the tail, not scales. Remember fish need as much as You can get, let the rest live.

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