Locations catching carp in the summer

Most fish change their habitat depending on the time of year, carp is no exception. Knowing these places, you can get a good catch. And fishing on the float rod would be a pleasure.

In summer, crucian carp, like most other fishes, finds a cooler place with more oxygen. Such meth include:

Reed beds and rushes. At such sites, the carp are hiding from the heat and hiding from predators. In such places a large amount of food, so the bushes are considered a favorite place for carp in the summer. But fishing in these areas will require certain skills. In order to avoid the Circlip, you need to throw the gear in the window with clean water and use leashes.

Areas with flooded trees. The carp is easy to hide in such conditions. To throw the bait need not too far, not close. If the bait will be close, the carp could pull her into the bushes, and if far – maybe not to bite on it. Almost impossible to know exactly what is under the water so extreme caution throw poplovok.

Snags. It hide not only the carp, but other fish. Snags attract fish, providing them with safe shelter. Therefore, eating on the pond there are such places, chances are good that there is someone lives. The main thing to choose the right bait.

A shady location. Overhanging trees create shade and protect the pond from direct sunlight, you can hide from the heat. In addition, trees often fall bugs and worms that like to feast on fish. But the carp will be in an open area only when in the water he no longer enemies.

Depth. At depth the temperature of the cooler, more oxygen, so the fish prefer to hide there. But to fish in such conditions is quite problematic. The exceptions are the areas of dams, steep banks. For in such places it washes out a variety of food for fish, poetmu if the ponds have such a meta, you can try to catch carp in here.

Thickets of water lilies. The area of the pond with reeds and water lilies are always more cool and rich food. So you need to study the terrain and throw the lure free from the thickets of the place. All actions must be precise and deliberate, to avoid snags and possible gusts.

Shallow water. In summer, carp are often sails in shallow water at night to cool off and to find food. The water in these places has time enough to cool and enriched with oxygen. So fishing in the summer at night is pretty promising.

When choosing a place for fishing must take into account not only temperature, but also weather conditions. If the prevailing wind, most of the fish will be on the other side of the pond, where the wind blows. This is due to the fact that the wind raises waves that hit the shore and wash away food, which love to feast on fish.

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