Features catching roach on a small river, take into account all the nuances

On a small river you can usually feel the following the atmosphere catching roach: no depth, quite clear water and too timid fish. With this information remains to choose tackle, bait and method of fishing.

Hooks for attachments

In this situation you should use very small hooks. Most often it is the hooks 20. Have to be in the presence of a rubber shock absorber. If the leash is thin and size of 0.08-0.1 mm of the required shock absorber is not less than 0.8 mm. This thickness is considered to be the best for small streams, because the thicker the rubber is not able to provide the necessary flexibility in podsekanie that the dangerous convergence. However, the absorber can not be too thin, because it needs to keep the shots of the fish. To implement cutting is preferable to a solid rod.


For some time before feeding is usually measured depth. You need a plug to get to the swale main channel. On this edge and you have to put the lure. Content different, is selected under the situation of a specific water body. Among the components of feeding: cooked mixture, casters, maggots, crushed hemp, and if required colorants. Just to be sure and not to scare the fish need to deliver bait balls, using a Cup for special purposes. Maggots are glued using a special glue in balls with a diameter of a walnut. To create a cloud of hazy mixture Supplement two teaspoons dark-colored dye.

The rivers are considered to be the perfect bait flies, pieces of worms, moth and ant eggs. As catchability bait is the dough, adding anise flavoring and minium. Happy roach comments on balls of bread, oats and softened wheat grains. It is very important when fishing roach on the small rivers feeding as not to frighten the fish.

If you are tired of the trifle

To get to many minnows or ruffs – is typical of the process. Since the dressing already laid on the bottom, and the area of fishing is difficult to change, you can try to experiment with changing the descent. Often, even a few inches can solve the problem. In addition, a large roach prefers to take the nozzle is not from the bottom, and slightly raised a few inches.

Compliance with the lull

On small streams fish very cautiously. The angler need not only to be clothed in masking things, but to try to observe the calm. This also applies to the handling of the gear: even an unintentional touch of the head of the rod to the surface of the water can attract the attention of the already timid roach.

After examining all the above information, any fisherman will be able to please loved ones with a gorgeous catch.

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