Fishing for catfish on the bottom line: catching the nuances of making a tackle and lure selection

Every angler dreams of having in his collection of trophies appeared som. To catch it is quite difficult. This requires considerable experience, choice of devices for fishing and bait, the right fishing tactics. You can catch on spinning, float, feeder and of course the Donk.

The nuances of making trotlines for catfish

One of the main criteria that must be met Donka – reliability and durability. In contrast, feeder, donkey don’t need a special rod, suitable and conventional spinning. Shop for anglers you can easily find a durable and affordable model, the spinning reel has good damping performance, which will help to cope with the big fish, like a catfish. The length of the rod depends on the distance where you will be fishing. If far from shore, you should prefer the longer variant, or choose a shorter model, if the fishing location selected close to the shore.

An integral and important part of the donkey is the coil. Here is the choice between instantaneous and clearomizer model. The advantages of the first coil are accurate throw, and more convenient and accurate clutch. Some anglers do not consider it great value and give preference to ego replacement coils that will provide greater sensitivity and reliability because they control is exercised directly by the fingers of the angler, and he can almost instantly hooking the fish in the event of a bite. Well is there such a reel and when fishing in the fast current. So, the choice of this equipment will depend on the personal preferences of the angler.

For the manufacture of a donkey you want to choose a reliable line that will not fail at the crucial moment. It is necessary to prefer monofilament or braided fishing line. The main criterion for selection – strength. Here at the braided fishing line has no competitors. Besides monofilament fishing line has a lower sensitivity than braid. Therefore, the optimal choice for catching catfish is braided fishing line. The thickness will depend on fish size, as well as catfish is a large fish, then the fishing line should be appropriate.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the sinker. To ensure that the likelihood of biting was more sinker should move fast. Must have long lingered in one place, so you should choose a sinker with a dull convex parts.

The correct choice of bait

Hunting for catfish there are many different baits. The best of them is live bait. For example, the larva of the may beetle ensures a virtually 100% probability of a good catch. The only problem is the search for such larvae.

Often use ordinary earthworms. The likelihood of a bite will increase if to find the kind of Nightcrawlers that differs from their usual size.

According to many anglers, the best bait for catfish will shell edentates.

This mollusk medium size great will eat both large and smaller individuals.

For inserting the bait it is recommended to use the treble hooks to the bait probably stuck in the mouth of the catfish.

The determination of the place for fishing

For the right selection of places for catching catfish, you need to thoroughly examine the behavioral features of this species of fish. You can use relevant literature or gain knowledge from the world wide web.

Catfish can be found in places deep, where there is current. Catfish is a night predator, so to start fishing better at night. So he chooses places with a sharp change in depth, it is very likely that the catfish will be in that place.

In order for the chances of success increased, you must place the donkey in all promising places to the probability of capture was as high as possible.

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