Fishing the feeder in the style Method is effective and so easy!

Imagine that your gear will never be tangled when thrown, will always lie perfectly on the bottom and your hook with a nozzle seated on a small mound of fragrant bait and ready to try hungry bream or carp.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? All this and more is possible with the feeder in the style of “Method” ( Method Feeder flat feeder, methoden feeder). No wonder this clever technique has become the standard for many anglers-faleristov in recent years, if they focus on large peaceful fish such as tench, carp, carp, bream and others.

How does the feeder in the style method and that is important for its Assembly, used feeders, bait and lures, especially the snap-in will cover in this article.

Fishing the feeder on the flat feeder is generally used for catching larger fish – tench, carp, grass carp, bream or carp. It is important to know: the method works well only in still or very slow flowing waters. Why this is so, you will understand later.

The basic idea is catching on the flat: the bait on the hook is available for attracting the fish feed and are not like regular fishing with the feeder, which creates a trail of bait at a distance from it. As a result, the fish is usually found with the hook attachment very quickly. At the same time, this gear will not work if the feeder is at the bottom of waterways.

The principle of operation. Downloadable the bait and the bait in the press. Do casting. After the fall of the trough to the bottom of the fragrant charge quickly dissolves, but our bait is nice from the top. Additional advantage: even if at the bottom there is aquatic vegetation, ideal location of the nozzle is guaranteed.

At the time of casting the bait located in the stern. As a result, the tangling of the leash is eliminated 100 percent! You can see how effective feeder fishing in the power method. But, of course, there are some small things that should be taken into consideration in this technique.

Flat feeder should land bottom with the flat side on the bottom and bait with a nozzle must always remain on top. Before casting make sure that the hook attachment is not caught under the edges of the trough. I personally use exclusively the feeder Hybrid Feeder (left) and Feed Inline Method Feeder (right).

Compared to other ways of catching you will need not so much: flat feeder with the appropriate form (“Mold”), the press form flat feeders, leash, pack bait and corn as the nozzle on the hook. This is enough for an exciting day of fishing!

All the gear for fishing on the feeder in the style of Method: feeder fishing rods, reels, lines, feeders, bait can be purchased at our fishing online store. Refer to Feeder fishing. Delivery throughout Russia.

Feeder snap-in method – methods of installation

There are several ways of mounting the snap-in method: remote installation, inline method carp feeder a snap with the rubber. Personally I always use a remote installation a snap.

Leashes snap method

A very important point when fishing with feeder style method: leashes. They should be very short – about 10 inches in length is almost perfect.

In order to keep the hook free and let the fish freely to swallow the head, chiefly used of hair snap. You can just link it yourself from manolescu – best tested knot No Knot. By the way, this is ideal hooks with wide bends and slightly angular eyes, such as QM1 from Guru.

Who doesn’t want to do them yourself, you can find on the market ready leads in very good quality. The guru offers them in all possible ways, for different fishing conditions and size of bait.

Tips for flat feeders

When fishing on the feeder in the style of method I mainly use the vegetable nozzle. Because it is mainly catch carp, grass carp or bream, is larvae use mini boilies, pellets, corn or a dumbbell (long anyway) on the hair a snap.

Bright nozzles allocated to the feeder, of course, especially good for quick bites! Of course, live baits such as maggots also work well. But here you have to be careful not to crush the bait when you tap on the bait. Better to fill the bait in the press, compacted, and then insert it into the hook with the bait.

Download flat feeders

For the effective supply of bait fish need to properly load the feeder. It uses a press form. First press the form is loaded the bait without the hook and compacted. Next, fill in the press form a bit of bait, it is placed with the hook attachment, and then a ready-made feeder Packed with groundbait.

Great! You can start fishing.

The feeder fishing style method – always a good choice!


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