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In the Kamchatka region the main indicators of the conservation activities during the “red” fishing season increased significantly compared to the same period in 2017, it is noted in Severo-East territorial administration Rosrybolovstva.

Before the start of the fishing season the inspectors terupravleniya switched to enhanced mode. In the framework of an agreed interagency plan, organize interaction with law enforcement and regulatory agencies to conduct joint raids. In addition, significantly increased the number of public inspectors.

According SVTU, today in the Kamchatka region, there are 26 stations, 28 mobile (operational) groups with the participation of 128 employees of territorial administration and 42 of freelance (public) inspectors. Are 31 car 30 motor boats, radio equipment and video recording.

As reported Fishnews in the press service of the Agency on 13 June revealed more than 1.4 thousand violations 90 violations more than a year earlier. During a joint RAID seized 387 of poaching fishing gears and almost 5 tonnes of aquatic bioresources (+1.6 tons to the index at the reporting date 2017). Also seized 43 vehicles and imposed fines of almost 6 million (+2 million).

Among the most significant violations noted poaching of sockeye salmon, which led a local resident by boat to Ust-Bolsheretsky district. Prohibited fishing gear, boats and fish with a total weight of almost 100 kg seized, drawn up.

Salmon in Kamchatka began on 1 June. As of June 12, the actual fishing is carried out in the Petropavlovsk-commander subzone (in Ust-Kamchatsky, Yelizovo and Aleutian Islands areas). The total catch of sockeye amounted to 656 tons, Chinook – 61 tons, chum – 6 tons. We started fishing in karaginskoe and West Kamchatka subzones, which extracted 6 tons of sockeye salmon and chum salmon, 24 tons, respectively. In total, the region produced 753 tons of Pacific salmon.
According to the materials: fishnews.ru

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