Where to catch carp? The search space of favourable catching

Probably there is no person on earth who didn’t wanted to go fishing. None of the emotions can not be compared with the moment when on the hook the big fish, and you pull her, but she resists with all the power. How nice to feel this struggle. Yes, is fishing, sometimes, not enough time, but it’s worth it. The great feeling an angler gets when carp fishing. This is a divine fish that has high nutritional value.

Carp are very hardy fish that grows well and multiplies in warm, fresh water. By weight, it can be more than 13 pounds. Carp weighing 6-8 pounds is the most valuable in the food industry. Experienced anglers know that this type of fish is perfectly caught both in winter and summer. Summer, of course, the most favorable time of year for carp. When the water temperature in the reservoir is 24-25C, carp are most active and good is the catch. At temperatures above 25C, this fish behaves more passively, in terms of biting, because trying to lay low. Despite this, experienced anglers manage to still catch a sufficient number of this fish.

The most favorable time of day for carp fishing is morning, evening and night. It was at this time the water cools down a bit and fish from the bottom goes ashore in search of food. Cool water is more saturated with oxygen and it is easier to bear the heat, especially after a hot day. After the rain is also high biting activity. Generally, carp like rushy places and muddy water. Large individuals like to reside near old flooded snags. Experienced anglers before you start fishing, “fed” the place where will occur the process of catching fish. As a rule, as foods use grains or meal, which were thrown into the water. As bait on the hook is great large earth worm, crab meat, insects, boiled legumes, corn, potatoes. Full use is made of dough made from flour and eggs, semolina and water.

It is best to catch carp on an ordinary bamboo fishing rod or spinning. Should be a good long rod is a great tackle, then be sure the use of this fishing. Great attention should be paid to the line: it must be strong enough and not visible in the water. If fishing is on the boat, you should find a shaded location for fishing. Under direct sunlight at great depths the carp to bite will not. Better to look for somewhere dark.

Also, it should be noted that the carp does not like noise. If near water a lot of people, it is likely that the fish caught will not or will be not bad. You need to try near the shore not to become upright to ensure that the shadow does not fall on the water. Every experienced angler has his secrets on cooking fish bait that uses it. Carp fish is rather tricky and it required approach. Catching the fish once, it is very difficult to stop.

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