Fishing in hot weather: some peculiarities of fishing in the heat

Warmer in the middle lane this year later. Because the cold dragged on, and the biting fish predators went on the usual scenario. Pike spawn and began to fatten, noisy hunted reservoirs, ASP and pike perch, perch gather in flocks. Usually lasts for biting fish after spawning week, but this year it lasted longer because the water was cold long enough. The heat came abruptly and turned things around.

The water is warmer

The water warmed quickly and after 5 days appeared on the beaches vacationers. After warming of the shallow water the fish swam out of there. Closed non-flowing bodies of water began to overgrow aquatic plants. Spinning bait in small ponds already hard lures predatory fish. But high water for fishermen opens great prospects, because heating of the water is not so rapidly, and fish are actively catching two weeks even if the street is very hot. Just need to carefully choose the time and place for fishing. Best bite during the summer – very early in the morning, not so actively – in the evening. In the heat of the day fish of prey pecking periodically, making small “exits”. Perch and bullhead are starting to think a night. And the day the impression that the river no fish. If the fisherman is delayed after sunset, he can see that she’s back.

Fishing at ponds, lakes and swamps

It became difficult to catch predatory fish in stagnant water. Not only that, the fish was passive, and went up the algae, and the water became turbid from the suspension. By noon, the fish cease to give signs of their presence in the pond. Bass ceases to be a schooling fish, but goes to a single way of life. Only very early in the morning in the cold over night the water noticeable its activity.

Pike is also a loner, but more aggressive than perch. It is good to catch from under the grass, but you need to choose the right bait, which passes freely through the grass.

Fish that live in stagnant water, in the heat to seek for, because she needs oxygen and cold water. Sometimes the fish even completely out of the ponds if the water becomes very warm.

How are things in the reservoirs and rivers?

To fish in ponds where running water, much easier. The main thing is to determine the depth of standing predator. For example, Zander is able to stand any depth.

The best bait for walleye in July – cranks. Although the transaction speed, he is also well caught. Expressive vertical wiring can be done by attaching on the fore front of the tee of the crank a little lead sheet.

In the heat of the walleye runs in shallow water. Apogee Jora perch night is in July. At night and early in the morning before the sun comes up, catch walleye.

But pike can be caught and a day on the jig. The depth of the cast is 6-12 meters. Perch less satisfied with the boilers. The boiling pot is usually spontaneous. Time to catch something, very little. To catch in this case you have lures “minnow”.

Fishing in rivers and streams

In the heat fishing for Chub, which seek to find a shadow. Therefore, to find it really under sisevski over water the trees. To notice hard, but using turntables or voblery real. Just need to find not a solid shade, and procalcitonin and hold the bait through the solar space. The more Sunny spaces, the more Chub bites.

Often parts of the river are overgrown with algae and become a shelter jacks. To catch them is so exciting.

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