10 tips for catching whitefish

Ordinary, or pass, whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus) is distributed from the Murmansk coast to Alaska and Northern Canada. Extremely easy to form innumerable living forms, which are found in a much wider area, a thrilling waters of Europe, Siberia and the Far East.

Whitefish can be passable, river and lake; large and small; to feed on benthic, planktonic organisms to be predators. Wherever dwells the SIG, it breaks into two forms, often living together. It multicinema form (Gill rakers up to 30), feeding on benthos and small fish, and mnogoshetinkovye (Gill rakers more than 30), consumes mostly plankton.

In the same pond can be found several subspecies. In the Onega and Ladoga lakes, their number reaches nine. Some of the whitefish are listed in the Red book, for example Peipsi, the Volkhov and bauntovskiy subspecies.

Almost all species of the genus characterized by the same silver-colored body and dark fins. Some whitefish have a hump back, others more elongated body. We all have adipose fin that is inherent in the salmon family. Females differ from males larger scales yellowish.

All sigs are diadromous, lake and river — gregarious fish, forming groups on the basis of age. These underwater inhabitants prefer clean, oxygen-rich, cool environment. They are usually located at medium horizons, taking place in the pits near fast streams. A flock of large whitefish can drive with the Parking of other fish: the small specimens are kept closer to the coast, and captured individuals from the fairway.

Whitefish start to spawn in two to three years of age, representatives of some of the subspecies later — on the fourth and even the sixth years of life. For spawning anadromous whitefish rise from the seas to the freshwater rivers and a lake or river in the upper reaches of the tributaries. Spawning takes place in autumn when the water temperature is +1,5. ..5°C. the Eggs lying in deep holes and quiet places of the rivers until the spring, the fry begin to hatch only when the water warming.

Whitefish live up to twenty years, but the catches are often dominated by individuals aged 7-10 years. Body length depending on the subspecies can be from 10-15 cm to 50-60 cm Sigi, starting to feed on zooplankton, in the future eat only animal food, increasing its size according to its age. Their diet consists of benthos, insects and their larvae, worms, crustaceans, molluscs, fish eggs and juvenile fish.

Tips for catching whitefish

1. Whitefish can be fished a variety of ways, including float rod, fly fishing, sbiro, spinning, running by ground, in a plumb from a boat, on a winter spoon, jig or a garland of lures.

2. When fishing on spinning choose a narrow spoon lures with blue or silver sheen. On the tee you can plant a piece of fish fillet with the skin or doing a bead of red thread.

3. When the whitefish feeds on river braids, he reacts well on light spinning tackle with slow reeling of the small spinning lures with narrow petal type Aglia Long №№ 1-00.

4. Whitefish can seduce various baits of animal origin: a worm, a maggot, a Scud, a clam, a piece of fish fillets with skin, bird or Bunny guts, fish-eye, fry, spawn, period.

5. Sometimes when hunting whitefish used crab meat, freshwater mussels and freshwater shrimp.

6. Winter is the best time to catch whitefish is the last ice. At this time, promising the pits below the shoals, and others expressed deep places of the reservoir.

7. In many countries, including in Russia, for catching whitefish using a snap with a few lures on the lateral end leashes and sinker. In Europe, this installation called “högen”, we have a bet or a garland. Typically, this tooling is three to five or more lateral leads. Distance between from 20 to 80 cm depending on the depth range you want to block baits.

8. Basic winter bait when fishing for whitefish is a maggot and bloodworm. If they are in waters with large fishing pressure on the hooks, put one maggot, threading the hook from the sharp nose of the striker.

9. At bad bite can sharp scissors to cut off a bit of skin is the thickest part of the maggot so that she slowly was leaking fluid. With this method often need to change the maggots on the hooks.

10. When fishing from the ice, SIG is better takes on a light jig. To lower tooling jigs to the desired depth, you can put in snap-in additional lead weight per meter above the bottom jig.

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