Kamesenin boasted in a network of fish caught in the Volga river

Residents of Kamyshin I love fishing. Another would be to live on the Volga and not to love to go “fish” nonsense! However, there are those who would disagree.

A local resident has published photos of his trophy — carp, weighing 4.4 kg. According to Fisher, is to get it managed on the Volga river on 9 June.

Note that fish caught in compliance with the rules of production (catch) aquatic biological resources: one float or bottom fishing rod from the shore with the total number of hooks not more than 2 pieces on tools lova at one citizen (for recreational fishing).

To me the demonstration fish trophies recall the notes of a member of Russian geographical society Alexander Minch. In “Historical and geographical dictionary of the Saratov province” (Saratov, 1899) he said: “the Volga River washes kamyshinskiy district for 178 miles, separating it from Samara and to the South of the Astrakhan province. The fish on the Volga, within the Kamyshin district, caught two species: red and small. To the first category belongs: sturgeon, Beluga, stellate sturgeon, white salmon and catfish; to the second are: the sterlet, bream, pike-perch, Bursch, pike, Chub, chehon, burbot, ruff and other small breeds. Lots of Beluga even 3 Suginoi length, caught sturgeon in 20 and 25 pounds (1 pood — 16 kg) weight”.
According to the materials: infokam.su

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