Amendments against poachers will go to the President for signature

The members of the Federation Council approved a law toughening penalties for illegal poaching and trafficking of especially valuable animals and aquatic biological resources. Responsibility establish and trafficking in the “red book” life through the media and Internet.

After the law came into force the amendments will be made to the criminal and Criminal procedural codes of the Russian Federation. In particular, article 253 of the criminal code will toughen penalties for the illegal extraction of natural resources of the continental shelf or the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation: increase fines, terms of forced labor and the prohibition to hold certain positions. Also there is a new version of the other penalties for poaching (article 256 of the criminal code) – compulsory work up to 480 hours.

Article 258 of the criminal code complement the norms establishing responsibility for illegal acquisition, sale of especially valuable wild animals and aquatic biological resources listed in the Red book, using media or the Internet. For it will face penalties, various terms of imprisonment and ban to occupy certain positions. Provides for appropriate punishment for persons who commit such crimes with use of official position and trespassers acting in an organized group.

Article 258 of the criminal code complement the the note, determining the value of large and especially large damage — more than 40 thousand rubles and more than 120 thousand rubles, respectively.

The Federation Council has considered the amendments at the meeting on 20 June, the correspondent of Fishnews. The senators decided to approve the law.
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