Cooking barley catchability for fishing

Hardly any vegetable nozzle compared with barley in its universality. On barley porridge peck great variety of fish species. It can be carp, IDE, carp, bream, roach, Rudd, bream and many others. The aroma of properly cooked cereal attracts aquatic life for tens of meters. But that cereal is well kept on the hook, was not overcooked, had a scent which attracts fish, it must be properly prepared.

There are several ways to prepare barley porridge, but we will describe only one of them, which allows you to get the best result. So it makes no sense to use other ways of cooking.

Do I need any accessories?

A small thermos container. It is better to use a thermos with a wide mouth, as it will be easier to remove the finished pudding.

— Pearl barley. It is also necessary to choose the right. The best option is light cereal is a good cleaning. If the dealer has a gray or brown tint, it peeled badly. The piece of fish will take very reluctantly, and there will be problems with cooking and spitted on the hook.

— Bait of the fine fraction. You can use any prepared bait or cook. This is perfect breadcrumbs or crushed biscuits.

Cooking barley

The cooking process for the attachment of pearl barley consists of several stages:

1. Pearl barley is washed and poured into a thermos. Rinse it for removal of gluten, which contributes to the bonding of individual grains together. Number place the barley is selected at random. For very active fishing is quite enough half a Cup of. The volume of the filled water does not really matter. Better to pour her more, as if swelling cereal absorbs a lot of water.

2. Grits in a thermos filled with boiling water. The flask is closed and left in this form for 2 hours.

3. After 2 hours, the barley is ready. The thermos is opened, the water with the drained barley in a sieve.

4. After the excess water will be removed, ready poured cereal in a separate bowl.

5. At this stage in the mess, you can add some flavoring to attract fish. The choice of flavoring depends on the conditions and catching a specific fish. For example, for catching roaches work better hemp and vanilla, and carp is a better choice garlic, anise and caramel.

Tip: no need to mix multiple baits, as it is on the contrary, will scare away the fish. It is better to prepare several variants of barley. To do this, divide the prepared grits into several parts, each of which add a single flavor.

6. In this capacity, the barley sprinkled a fine fraction prepared bait or bread crumbs (crushed cookies). This filling does not allow individual perlowin to adhere to each other. In this way it is easier to stick on the hook, and your bait scent attracts the fish. In addition, after casting, perlowin will crumble to powder, which further attracts fish.

In this form the barley is ready for fishing. If preparing a few baits with different tastes, they should be stored in separate packages or cans that you need to sign. So it will be possible to determine what flavor, often biting a particular kind of fish.

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