Omsk oblast will feed fish countrymen and people from other regions

Omsk oblast can fully provide ourselves with fresh fish and even feed it to other regions – krutinskiy rybzavod, located on the famous lakes of Krutinsky district, will now focus on deep processing of fish. This became known during a working visit to the area Alexander Burkov. The head of the region saw, how was the modernization of the enterprise.

Smoked, dried, frozen, any, and, as we are assured local residents the cleanest fish from the Urals to the Far East. All kinds of products, has already become a brand Krotenki and across the Omsk region, on the fish factory is proud to reveal the head of the region. In the five years to the revival of the famous fishing companies took about 50 million rubles. The money plant is equipped with the latest technology.

Intend on the fish factory also is now not only to catch and sell fish but also engage in deep processing. Now for krutinskaya fish queue of buyers, the orders are coming not only from the Omsk region, but also neighboring regions. Now the geography of demand will expand even more. In the nearest plans of the purchase of two production lines for the production of dried fish and camera smoked. All fish from the local lakes. Today in Krutinskiy a farm seven fishing sites, allowing you to double the volume of catch. Only last year managed to catch 552 tons of fish. Deals with plant and fish stocking of ponds. Every year the lake produces millions of larvae of valuable species of fish.

– Today we see, as I said, little girl, in Krutinsky area live cool people. They do know a lot and do many things because they themselves want, it is their initiative. Krutinsky area is renowned in many areas: in education, housing, social sphere. The neighbors visit, learn, adopt experience of krutenau, – said the acting Governor of the Omsk region Alexander Burkov.

In the summer in Krutinka will bring together athletes and fans from across the region. There will be a rural sports festival “Queen of sports”. Now the stadium is in full swing preparing. It on behalf of the head of the region allocated 15 million rubles. Here rekonstruiruet game room, on the athletics track will be a new cover. Special order of the Governor one and a half million rubles allocated for the repair of the old hockey court. Inside the box instead of one equipped with two playgrounds.
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