Spawning bream: how, where and when

Reproduction bream occurs in the spring when the water became warmer and has created a favourable environment for the creation of offspring. Usually this happens in the month of may, when the water temperature is 15-12 degrees above zero. At this time, the bream gather in large flocks on the grassy shallow water, where carry out their mating games.

The water depth of these areas does not exceed 2.5 metres, and currents or not at all, or it is weak. Process spawning is just admirable, because it contains a certain behavior of fish in a small area of the pond. It is happening so. In the early morning hours flock of bream in the selected area makes swimming laps. The diameter of the circular movement does not exceed ten meters. Behind the fish visible from the water, so all the movement, the splashes, the turns are well marked on the surface of the pond. In these games, the big males try to push females from smaller males. In General, noise breams create a lot, and pass by without noticing this is simply impossible.

Spawn bream on the flooded meadow vegetation, from plants or washed their roots. The whole process of spawning, as a rule, does not exceed eight days. And that’s under favorable conditions. If the weather is “failed”, then to spawn at one time may never happen. In such cases, the period of spawning is increased.

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