3 effective tips for catching bleak

One of the most common fish our waters is bleak. Many fishermen love fishing with this fish. Some specimens of this fish can reach 30 cm Usually bleak catches of small size.

As the mouth of this fish is small, it is desirable to catch her on a tighter nozzle or bait of small size. You can make beads from bread of small size, but they quickly melted, and the fish they shot down. Motyl is not quite suitable because of its soft structures, there is a large number of failed sweeps.

Maggot is one of the reliable options for catching bleak. It has a dense structure. One larva can catch a few fish at a time. Due to the fact that it is small and long and remains mobile in the water is the perfect bait for bleak.

Semolina Prater Park will be also good choice for fishing of bleak. The main thing is to cook it.

In childhood we were successfully catching bleak on ant eggs. They are a delicacy for the fish. Sometimes, a single rod could catch a hundred bleak for three hours.

Tackle for catching bleak should be fine, the main fishing line no thicker than 0, 15, leash from 0.08 to 0.1. A sinker of about 1 Gy to be optimal.

Bleak-fishing is not only a fun process, but also the opportunity to taste dried fish, which is familiar to many fishermen from childhood.

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