Up to 20 herrings: far East fishermen have imposed regulations

For private lovers of fishing prescribed daily allowance of catch. They will operate in the far East of Russia from July 1 this year.

How many fish in grams prescribed for fishermen of all far Eastern regions. For example, in Primorye, Amateur sea fishing can not afford more than 30 flounder, bluefish, Pollock and copies of Krasnoperov-Agaev, 60 of navag, 10 pelengasa, 10 mussels warming, 20 Pacific herring, 100 catfish, 15 Kunj, 25 malmö, and 200 herbal shrimp. Prescribed limitations and freshwater fishermen, so it is impossible to catch more than 10 pieces of grayling, Lenkov, Mongolian redfin or 20 pieces of silver carp and horses-hubari; not more than five fish are carp, carp, verhoglyadov, pike, burbot, Amur catfish; white Amur bream and trout – 3 individuals.

In the Chukotka Autonomous district also catch limit. According to Fishnews will not be able to catch more than 10 Nephrolepis pantusov, 20 crabs, individuals valkov, cod, whitefish 50 -] and pyzhianov, not more than a hundred salmon trout, char and herring lacustrine, 300 pike, the toothy 500 korosec.

In the Jewish Autonomous region, Khabarovsk territory and the Amur region the same standards. It is impossible to catch more than 10 whitefish, 5 carp, snakehead, Lenkov, pike, verhoglyadov, bream, conga and spiny crabs, 20 carp, 30 grayling. On smelt: 150 pieces – catfish and 300 maloletki. Siberian trout will be a delicacy – it is forbidden to fish in more than one individual, but the shrimp should be carefully counted – no more than 100.Kamchatka fishermen are allowed to catch crabs – strigunov, but not more than fifty per day and the same number of herring. You can still catch up to 200 korosec and 10 grayling.

Stalinskim fishermen can enjoy hundreds of navag, 200 and 300 catfishes maloletkami. To catch you up to 50 oysters, flounder, grey sea urchins, males, herring, Spital. Not more than 30 stones and Krasnoperov-Agaev, 200 pieces of grass shrimp and a dozen prickly hedgehog. You will be filled with algae, up to 50 kg.

In the Magadan region: flatfish and korosec hundred, less than half of navag, 30 base, 25 Kunj and grayling, 10 Pacific Nephrolepis pantusov. You can earn up to 10 crabs and 20 kg all other species of aquatic bioresources.
According to the materials: amurmedia.ru

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