Features of habitat, nutrition and successful fishing grass carp

White Amur recent guest of our waters. But despite this he became a desirable target for many anglers as very careful, strong, handsome, and requires a lot of skill and endurance for fishing and playing.

The birthplace of this giant of the underwater world of the far East. Carp is widespread throughout the former Soviet Union. In most ponds, Cupid cannot reproduce, it is bred in fish farms and potrasenoy juveniles are released to purify the water from the abundant aquatic vegetation. The size and weight of large specimens reach substantial values. So a length of white Amur can be over a meter and weight exceed thirty pounds. These figures do underwater giant perfect trophy for many anglers.

Prefers holding Cupid’s snag, deep areas of the reservoir, but goes to eat in special dining rooms, seat depth up to three meters, with a rich underwater and emergent vegetation. In such places in large numbers growing selcount, a favorite treat that gluttons. Even Cupid as the water grazes the cow on the plantations wrote, cattail, bulrush, reed. The fish inside the throat are the teeth as a grinder can easily grind even the old reed stems. Underwater giant indifferent to what depth to find food, respectively, and to catch it from the bottom and with the other levels of depth.

In ponds with open water surface Amur prefers to stay away from the coast, although it can muster the audacity to swim to shore vegetation. Therefore, if fishing occurs on a surface lure, white Amur can see the fisherman and to be scared. Not to spoil fishing, it is necessary to exercise caution and disguise. Fishing with surface lures in may promising, especially in the first half. At this time the water is heated only in the upper layers of the reservoir, which like to bask in the individuals of the Amur river, here they eat everything that gets in the water at this time takes a good Cupid for a few worms landing on the hook of a ball of foam, that would the lure floating on the surface. The bite can be determined visually by the splash of water, immediately hooking is not necessary, only when the amendments will go to the side. The tackle must be reliable with a good coil, a strong network, a powerful parabolic rod, float for long casting. Additional supplies after the float is not required, once the leash of one meter and a half of strong cord. Bait when the fishing is on the surface of the water, where it is Cupid will quickly notice. Good nozzle with this method of fishing a crust of bread. It except grass carp can take a big carp. This method is effective in the first warm days when the water is not fully warmed up.

In the second half of may and in the summer, fishing for carp in the upper layers of the water becomes a little relevant. Most often the bite can be on plant tips, slightly raised above the bottom. At this time of great wakes to work the ground rod with a blank snap-in. The leash is not large, about seven inches, on a hook two or three seed corn is better preserved, with the addition of a yellow ball of foam so that the foam lifted the bait above the bottom. This bait fish will notice faster and take more likely. Tackle this successfully wakes to fish until October, until the temperature really drops and grass carps will swim in wintering holes. Until April these giants is in hibernation and practically do not eat.

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