Fishing nozzle. Apple moth

The Apple moth is probably one of the most practiced seasoned anglers nozzles in the form of caterpillars from the family of protogoras. And sometimes she shows much more dramatic results when fishing for white fish than maggot, worm or plant tips.

The Apple moth is a caterpillar of length from 1 to 1.8 cm light pink color with a brown head. As its name implies, it inhabits in the Apple fruits, which we usually called “worms”.

Accordingly, to produce the nozzle should be in the gardens, by the accumulation of damaged apples in a separate bag. With a knife the moth from the fruit is extracted directly into fishing. If you do not block the access of air to the fruit, the caterpillars of the Apple can be stored for a long time.

Despite the banality of the nozzle, it really “works” when fishing for Rudd, roach or bream, perfectly replacing the maggots. Moreover, this nozzle is the most affordable in the ripening period of apples and autumn.

If you want, stock up the nozzle and can for winter fishing. It is only necessary to preserve the “wormy” apples or purposefully purchase these in the market.

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