Fishing nozzle. Pepper dough bread

Originally intended for catching members of the carp family, this bread head with similar success and went fishing for white non-predatory fish. Actively interested in it, roach and white bream, and in some cases having the attention and the handsome bream.

Apparently, underwater creatures sometimes, too, want to indulge in spicy, while the smell of bread and vegetable oil, are attractive to most fish species.

To cook pepper dough bread, of wheat bread to take out all the crumb in a separate container mix the vegetable oil and add a little ground red pepper.

Naturally, breadcrumbs then knead like dough, giving it the structure to stand confidently on the hook.

Skewer the bread dough is normal for this kind of tips way and used float tackle in the summer or with a jig for ice fishing. Moreover, the observed normal nibble on spiced red pepper crumb, even if you ignore the fish the more familiar bits.

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