Soon the rivers Ugra a new generation of white fish

On the street warm weather, and indoors Ugra fish hatchery refreshing coolness – optimal conditions for the maintenance of whitefish. Here are broodstock, whose efforts will be replenished, the number of valuable fish species in the rivers Ugra. Now that the adults are ripe for spawning. But once they are all raised from eggs in a special apparatus.

Love Tolmachev, fishery Ugra fish hatchery: “This is our producers that we have grown out of the egg, then the larva was, and we took their offspring. How you will behave – will look”.

They have already given their offspring – tens of millions of eggs. Developed in special conditions and with constant monitoring. Here control of each degree of water temperature, catch the bad eggs, so they do not spoil the healthy. In may the larvae, they grow up by the end of July.

Pavel Pavlov, General Director of Ugra fish hatchery: “this year our 2 hatchery produced 120 million larvae. We plan to release in the river 50 to 60 million fry”.

Before releasing fry into the river, experts do test fishing in the fish hatchery. 20 times throwing the net. After taking a few buckets from the fry count the number of healthy individuals. This method shows the estimated number surviving to the fry stage larvae.

Experts say, because of growing in conditions of Ugra fish hatchery, the number of survivors reaches 10-20%, while in the wild – only 1%. After counting the millions of young fish whitefish species flock at the Ugra water.

Until such time as the fish, grew up in a hatchery, will have time to return to their hearth and home, the specialists will release one generation of whitefish species. This means that every year the population of whitefish, Peled, and sturgeon will only increase.
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