7 hot spots of where to catch carp

Hot spots for carp – you can find these places without a boat and echo sounder

Without a doubt: the boat and the sonar is a great help in catching carp. With their help, we find many Parking lots of carp, we find a sandbank or edge, can accurately find the point or to set markers.

But not every angler-carpatica have a boat and sonar. In addition, there are many reservoirs where we are not allowed to use them. Especially on small commercial waters where generally prohibited boats of all types.

But this is not so important. You can catch carp in any way because there are many hot spots that are visible to the naked eye. How to catch carp at such points we have mentioned in this article. How to choose a place for carp fishing we will describe below.

Point 1: Why make long casts? Carp very often is next. The transition from the shallow coastal zone to the depth often visible to the naked eye. If not, we can quickly find it using a marker rod.

Point 2: Water lilies or water lilies provide shade and full of food. Where the green leaves lie on the water, the carp is always there. It is best to feed the fish right on the edge of lilies. Water lilies barely grow deeper than three meters. They are therefore a symptom rather shallow depths.

Point 3: As water lilies, aquatic vegetation provides protection for the carp and lots of food. Where the grass ends, the water is usually deeper. Right on the edge of aquatic vegetation your installation with a nozzle should be. Even large gaps in the grass is always worth a try. But beware: possible hooks. It is necessary precisely to put a tackle in.

Point 4: Passages connecting different zones of the water always hot – in the photo the entrance to the small harbour. All the carp who want to go from one pond to another, must pass through them and quickly find the nozzle. Fishing is carried out directly in the corridor or on the banks of the left and right of it.

Point 5: If there are Islands in the waters – then you have already found the fish! Carp are attracted to the island magically. Here you can fish in shallow water without worrying about the fishermen, dogs or other anti-fishing sites. And to carp there is always food around the edges of the island to deep water.

Point 6: the Reed plots give us a good indication of the structure of DNA. Usually it is flat and even – not the worst choice for carp fishing!

Point 7: Overhanging trees and branches protruding into the water, often used by carp as the place to stay. There’s also a lot of food for carp, because the root system is an excellent habitat for microorganisms. In such places, success is guaranteed!


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